Of bruises, pickles and strokes

Christina Aguilera plays rough; Joe Millionaire plays with a big bat. And Drew, well, she plays for keeps.

Published January 7, 2003 5:18PM (EST)

Talk about stripped.

Just a few scant (wet) threads, and occasionally her own hands, come between Christina Aguilera and complete nudity in the January issue of Maxim.

In fact, she'll have us all know, she likes to be naked. A lot.

"At home I walk around all the time in just panties or whatever ... The skimpiest things I have are the cutest little pasties with tassels," she shares in the randy men's mag. "They go with a sailor outfit -- it's so cute!"

And if you think that sounds kinky, check out what Aguilera has to say about her sexual predilections.

"I like to experiment," she says. "It gets boring otherwise."

That extra "r" in "Dirrty" just might stand for "rough."

"Sometimes, when I'm in the mood, I like to wrestle around and get really aggressive," she tells the magazine. "That's why makeup artists hate me -- because I'll show up to shoots all bruised and whatnot. I like to play rough. Handcuffs are fun."

And a gag might be nice, too.

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Marriott's hotel-size log

And speaking of scantily clad climbers, Evan Marriott, Fox's "Joe Millionaire," apparently has no compunction about letting it all hang out, either.

The eligible bachelor whom Fox P.R. has described to the world as a construction worker pulling in $19,000 a year (and to the bachelorettes on its show as a $50 million playboy) turns out to have more impressive lumber in his past than even the suits at Fox may have realized.

The Smoking Gun Web site has unearthed a series of photos of Marriott modeling super-snug briefs and boxers for California Muscle, a company specializing in racy male undergarments like the Libido Boxer, the Piston Thong and the Goliath String.

Back in November 2001, "Evan was short of cash and looking for work," California Muscle V.P. Simon Nicholson said of the shots that reveal just how much the poor man posing as a rich man actually has in his pocket. "He had a great face so we did a shoot with him."

Face, yeah ... that's what they were after ...

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Speaking of large pickles

"Michael thinks they're disgusting, but I can't get enough of them."

-- Catherine Zeta-Jones on her insane craving for Marmite and something called Branston Pickle, to Ananova.com.

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If at first you don't succeed ...

Stop me if you've heard this one before: Drew Barrymore may be getting married.

This utterance may bring back frightening memories of the endless speculation over the nuptials of Barrymore and Tom Green lo those many months ago, but it seems that the actress has again touched off reports of another planned stroll down the aisle.

Her latest alleged hubby-to-be? Drummer Fabrizio Moretti of the Strokes.

According to the New York Post, the couple is mulling over marriage, despite Barrymore's distinct lack of success in that department so far. Her marriage to Green lasted five whole months, a lifetime compared with her previous marriage to a bartender named Jeremy Thomas, which lasted a whopping 19 days back in 1994.

Maybe this one will be the stroke of luck?

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