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Yeah, that was Puck being lewd, crude and rude at Sundance -- just imagine! Dave Chappelle's smoothest night moves. Plus: Kevin Spacey and Elton John? Russell Crowe and Chrissie Hynde? Yep and yep.

Published January 27, 2003 9:00PM (EST)

Some people never change.

Sundance attendees the other night got a special welcome back to the real obnoxious world of Puck, the foulmouthed former bike messenger who got booted off of MTV's "Real World" a bunch of seasons back.

The notorious roommate from hell, who's currently enjoying a (possibly brief) return to the spotlight onaccounta MTV's celebration of its seminal reality series' 10-year anniversary, drew angry, horrified looks from the crowd waiting outside the bar Harry O's to hear De La Soul in Park City, Utah, on Thursday night as he blabbed loudly on his cellphone.

"I fucked her in the mouth," Puck bellowed into the mouthpiece to someone he referred to as "Dad."

Then he hollered, "If I don't make $200,000 this year, I'm not a man," before he started pontificating on the Super Bowl.

His fellow line-standers were "amazed at how obnoxious he was," Salon national correspondent Jake Tapper tells Nothing Personal.

But it all started to make a special sort of sense when they figured out who the icky phone talker in their midst was.

One woman in line put it this way: "He was a dick on the show, and he's a dick here."

Puck that.

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Then again, some people do change

"Ten years ago I would have went off and gave you a whole bunch of four-letter words. But it is what it is and I've come to terms with that ... I tried to beat the system and I couldn't, so I go along with the program now. I accept it for what it is."

-- Formerly foul-mouthed bad-boy actor Mickey Rourke on Hollywood, to the Calgary Sun.

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A way with the laydees?

Taking dating advice from Dave Chappelle may be right up there on your list with taking it from Puck, but in case you're interested, the comedian has a few words of wisdom about "wooing women" he'd like to share.

"This is the thing with women," Chappelle tells Stuff magazine. "They know whether they're going to sleep with you or not -- they just need to make it look like it's an accident."

The key, Chappelle maintains, is to "play along. Make sure you have a board game or something in the [bed]room."

And if she swoons while playing Twister or Scrabble? Chappelle considers this a very good sign.

"If you haven't seen her drink anything, and then she says how drunk she is, you're a shoo-in," he says. "What she's doing is denying responsibility for her actions. It's premeditated, buddy."

Delightfully evolved, isn't he?

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And did he mention that it's in Aramaic and Latin, with no subtitles?

"It's going to be hard to take. When the Romans scourged you, it wasn't a nice thing. Think about the crucifixion -- there's no way to sugarcoat that."

-- Mel Gibson on his upcoming film, a big-budget retelling of Jesus' final hours, to the World Entertainment News Network.

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Juicy bits

Does Kevin Spacey live his life like a candle in the wind? The world may never know, but it will have another chance to marvel at the actor's vocal prowess when Spacey teams up with Elton John to belt out a few songs for charity next month. The Rocket Man and Mr. Secret will duet to raise funds for London's Old Vic theater on Feb. 5. "They have put together a truly spectacular evening with an extraordinary lineup of guests, who will sing some of Elton's best-loved songs," a spokeman for the event told the BBC. Will they sport some of Elton's best-loved eyewear, too?

And speaking of unexpected musical couplings, Russell Crowe and Chrissie Hynde are teaming up to record a duet. The song, "Never Be Alone Again," will be a secret track on a new album, "Other Ways of Speaking," from Crowe's band, Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts. Crowe and his band are also planning to tour the U.S. with the Pretenders next month.

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