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A letter from the editor

By Salon Staff
March 1, 2003 3:44AM (UTC)
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Dear Salon reader,

Thanks for everything! In just the few days since we posted my letter on Feb. 21 asking for your help, we've already received several thousand new subscriptions and gift subscriptions, as well as many Well subscriptions and other contributions. This outpouring of support is helping keep Salon going.


From all across the political spectrum, from all walks of life, and from all over the world, it seems, Salon's unique group of think-for-yourself readers are stepping forward to pitch in. Here are some comments from the mail we've received:

"I read Salon because you are an oasis of rational discourse and intelligent humanism, online and otherwise ... To paraphrase my mum, people get the government, and the mass media, they deserve. A lot of us feel that we deserve better than what we have right now." -- Agness S. Kaku

"I am a conservative Christian and have been reading and enjoying Salon for years. After reading a sampling of the rude, crude and abusive letters you included in your note to readers, I was both appalled and embarrassed at the idiocy some folks will stoop to simply because they disagree with a point of view or lifestyle. Quite often I find myself at odds with your publication's viewpoints and don't like what you say. But I almost always love how you say it ... The fine team of writers you have assembled is a dream come true to someone who appreciates good, honest, creative prose ... You have my paid subscription as of this evening. Long may your banner wave." -- Michael O'Connor


"I am a Salon Premium subscriber and I honestly don't know what I would do without your magazine. I don't think I've felt this frightened about our government before -- even with Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon. There seems to be something truly wrong this time. And I look forward every day to reading Salon." -- Patricia Pietrocarli

"I had heard about the rumored demise of, and was decidedly upset by it. However, I'm not in an exactly peachy position to pay for a premium subscription, no matter how much spiritual kinship I feel. Reading the kind of hate mail that you have received stiffened my resolve. I don't care how much you may not like something, there is just no excuse for name-calling on such a base level. Someone's mother no doubt is shaking her head in shame at the rude people she's brought into the world ... So here I am, new Salon Premium member. Sure, I'm giving up going to the movies for the next two months, but it's worth it to me if some hatemonger knows it was his/her gleeful spew of venom that led me to this decision. Viva la Salon!" -- Elizabeth Stewart

"I guess I must be a liberal since I read Salon compulsively. What I don't understand is the desire of many self-proclaimed conservatives to eradicate publications with a perceived liberal viewpoint. And, as far as Salon goes, I would have to disagree with any definition of 'liberal' that means only one perspective is presented. I have seen many, many more alternative viewpoints of all kinds on Salon than in any print publication. Further, the articles here appear to be thoroughly researched and thoughtfully composed. I certainly feel like I'm getting the truth here, far more than in a Wall Street Journal blurb on the front page, or in a sensationalized report on Fox News. Keep up the fantastic work." -- Roberta Stewart


"While I find it a little excessive to call the Wall Street Journal an enemy of the free and critical press, I must concede that I am thoroughly vexed by the right-wing's objections to your publication. I am what many Salon writers and editors might refer to as a hard-line, Bible-thumping conservative, and I still manage to find your publication to be the most thoughtful, informed and original news and arts journal anywhere: web or print. While your liberal columnists and I are often in disagreement, I still appreciate their insightful commentary and can almost always rely on them to promote their views in a sensible, noninflammatory fashion." -- Peter Suderman

"I'm a conservative/libertarian/borderline anarchist, but I love your magazine. There are those of us out here that are neither Democrat nor Republican that read Salon every day to find great writing from all sides. That's the thing I've always enjoyed most about, the variety. It has never been about being liberal or conservative, as far as I can tell, just about being smart and knowing the facts before you speak. So live on, Salon." -- Anonymous


Of course, we still get these too: "Ha Ha Ha Die slowly liberal scum ... You ARE the entertainment, that is why Conservatives ROCK in the free market media ... Your arrogance is your downfall ... I piss on your grave."

Careful with that uric acid, tiger! But much as we appreciate the desire of these worthies to fertilize our final resting place, we have no intention of going away.

Many of these Salon death-wishers gloat that, while Rush Limbaugh and Fox News thrive in the free market, progressive media outlets like Salon still struggle. But the thousands of new subscribers who have signed up for Salon Premium are proving them wrong.


In coming days we plan to report to you in more detail about our progress toward long-term financial stability. If you haven't pitched in yet, please consider one of these options:

1. If you're not already a subscriber, subscribe now.

2. Give Salon Premium as a gift (as a subscriber, you save 33 percent -- just be sure you're logged in). Click here.


3. Give a "Make a Difference" subscription and enable people at participating community centers around the country to access Salon Premium. Just click here -- or read more about the program.

4. Upgrade your current subscription to include a year's membership in Salon's acclaimed discussion forums at the WELL and Table Talk. Click here.

5. If you would like to make a donation to Salon in any amount, you can do so here.

Thanks again for your heartwarming support. It really does make it all worthwhile. And it's keeping Salon going -- strong.


-- David Talbot

Salon Staff

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