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Published March 4, 2003 9:41PM (EST)

Mystery surrounds Dave Eggers and his rumored new magazine, the Balloonist. (And to think, we remember him from way back when!) (Black Table)

The chief Brit pick to replace Art Cooper at GQ says no way. So will Condé Nast try to "Maxim-ize GQ"? (Off the Record)

Is she pretending? Chrissie Hynde appeared to be rooting for the U.S. to lose to Iraq in the coming war when she told an audience, "Bring it on! Give us what we deserve!" (SFGate)

Presidential candidate/Ken doll Sen. John Edwards, D-N.C., is ready for his close-up, trying to convince Hollywood types he is "the next Bill Clinton." (Page Six)

Promise? Fred Durst says the feud with Britney is over and he's agreed to "shut up." (WENN)

Can it get weirder? When it's about Michael Jackson, yes. Maureen Orth told Matt Lauer this morning on "The Today Show" that she thinks Jackson is "as crazy as Colin Powell" and that he dangled his son out of the window on purpose to keep his P.R. profile high. And Orth's Vanity Fair article also predicts something even stranger than the supposed voodoo hexes on Spielberg -- M.J. could go broke soon. (USA Today)

"Cad" author and toxic bachelor Rick Marin brought out an eclectic crowd for his book party, from Monica to a "dangerously tan Regis." (Gawker)

Maybe you actually do feel sorry for Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas because Britain's Hello! magazine crashed their wedding and published pics, but Mike's ex, Diandra, is shedding no tears. (Page Six)

There's a voter revolt brewing, and President Josiah Bartlet is among the targets. A new Web site by a group calling itself Citizens Against Celebrity Pundits claims: "We believe that celebrities Martin Sheen, Mike Farrell, Tim Robbins, Rob Reiner, Barbra Streisand and others with them are using their celebrity to interfere with the defence of our country."(Guardian)

The Screen Actors Guild says that the guy who plays the president should not get in trouble for criticizing the guy who is the president. (Yahoo)

Where's Hubbell Gardner when we need him? If you go to her Web site, not only can you read Babs declaring that she is a patriotic American, you can also buy a face mug for only $11. (

The girl Roman Polanski had sex with in 1977 (when she was 13) has grown, and now says the Oscar-nominated director (this year for "The Pianist") should be judged on his work, not his past deeds. This story is as good as "Chinatown." (L.A . Times)

Apparently, there are some special revelers in the Big Easy: "A dozen maskers calling themselves the Krewe of Homeland Security wore plastic drapes and duct tape, with colored dots representing smallpox. Each carried cans of baby powder 'anthrax' and handed out Mardi Gras Alerts, declaring the security status as purple, green and gold, the traditional Carnival colors. 'We figured if Tom Ridge could keep us safe for the rest of the year, we could keep everyone safe for Mardi Gras,' said Jane Gardner Aprill of New Orleans." (Washington Post)

And finally, welcome back, Linda Evangelista! It's good to know that a 37-year-old can still walk. (National Post)

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