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Published March 6, 2003 7:49PM (EST)

Is Russell whipped? Say it ain't so! Reports are that Russell Crowe's bride to be, Danielle Spencer, has axed Nicole Kidman from the guest list for their wedding next month in Australia. She's afraid Russ is too close to Nic. The same report says that Danielle has no problem with Meg Ryan being there. Danny -- calm down. The whole female world (and much of the male) has the hots for your guy. Get used to it. (Calgary Sun)

What do Kathy Bates, Meryl Streep and Pedro Almódovar have in common? No, they didn't all go naked in a hot tub with Jack Nicholson. Since there is a gag order on speaking out politically at this year's Academy Awards on March 23 they are going to wear a peace pin instead. The gold pin, inspired by Picasso's Dove of Peace, was created by Global Vision of Peace (whose Web site is still under construction at

Not only do Tom and Penelope have virtually the same last name (Cruise and Cruz, that is) but now they've been spotted dressing alike. What's next? We dare not guess. (People)

Rock fans in this country aren't as gaga over pop cutie Robbie Williams as are the hordes in Europe, but we don't know what we're missing. This guy is politically incorrect in a way that Bill Maher has never attempted. Known for dating Rachel Hunter and most of the Spice Girls, cheeky Robbie is now saying, "There is nobody. I've broken them all, I have. I'm moving onto men." (WENN)

Speaking of rockers, Bruce Springsteen just keeps breaking records. The senior citizen (he'll be 54 this September) sold out seven Giants Stadium dates for July in one day so the Boss has added two more (August 28 and 30). The arena holds about 60,000 and the best seats are going for more than $1,000 at some online agencies. (NY Daily News)

Vanity Fair is under fire for leaving out a bunch of alpha males when it did its cover story on Hollywood's reigning men. Tom Hanks, Jack Nicholson and Harrison Ford made it, but someone forgot to call Antonio Banderas, Pierce Brosnan and Kevin Spacey. We think it's just an excuse to do another cover that will sell like Calvin Klein underwear. (The Evening Standard)

On a sad note, we hear that the original Tonight Show host, Jack Paar, is in the hospital, having suffered a stroke. He manned the desk starting in 1957 B.C. (before cynicism) and made it possible for the likes of David Letterman, Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien to exist. (He also gave Dick Cavett one of his first writing jobs and Dick wrote the famous line for Jack: "Here they are, Jayne Mansfield." Yes, we are old enough to remember that.)

It's going to be Clinton vs. Dole all over again, every week, on "60 Minutes." If this means less Andy Rooney -- Hooray! But were their debates really that exciting the first time around? (CBS News)

An upcoming New York Times Magazine feature will depict Mel Gibson as a "pope-hating, conspiracy-minded cultist." Gibson didn't cooperate, but his Holocaust-denying, pope-hating, genuinely unhinged-sounding father, Hutton Gibson, apparently did. (Page Six)

Literary lion cub catfight: Neal Pollack explains why he hates Jonathan Safron Foer's "faux-humble good little Jewish boy act." (Gawker)

Oprah is back as No. 1 among America's Favorite TV Personalities. The good news? Last year's No. 1, Drew Carey, is off the list entirely. The bad news? Dr. Phil debuts at No. 7. (Zap2it)

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