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J-Lo nixes Hooters for Ben, Nicole and Daniel Day-Lewis talk about the war and the menu changes on The Hill. Plus: "60 Minutes" creator blasts Clinton/Dole debate.

Published March 11, 2003 9:51PM (EST)

Men and Hooters dept: Seems J-Lo got mad at her boy Ben Affleck for planning to take a flight with a bunch of guy pals on the new Hooters airline (the flight attendants are reportedly clad scantily and we assume they have rather larger than average bazoombas). Reportedly, J-Lo posed the question to Ben: "How would you feel if I went on a plane and all the flight attendants were Chippendales?" Ben cancelled his trip. (WENN)

Croyez vous? We know this has been going on in heartland diners but now it's official. The cafeteria menus at the three House office buildings will change the item "French fries" to "Freedom fries" and "French toast" to "Freedom toast." The decision was spearheaded by two Republicans who held a news conference about it today. What's next -- the "Freedom kiss?" (CNN)

Nicole Kidman and Daniel Day-Lewis were two stars at a pre-Oscars news conference yesterday. They were asked about what they might wear and what they have to say about a possible war. Nicole said she would wear a black suit over a pale lace camisole and that she could see both sides of the war issue. Day-Lewis didn't talk about his attire as far as we know, but re: war he said "It would seem obscene if we're seen bouncing up the red carpet grinning when people are dying. It's going to be very difficult to find a way to do this."

Someone's going to get whacked here if we don't watch out. HBO and the producers of "The Sopranos" are countersuing James Gandolfini to try and force him to show up when the fifth season starts filming later this month. Gandolfini had sued them last week trying to sever his contract because he said they hadn't informed him of the fifth season in a timely fashion. Hey, guys, can't you all just have a sit-down at Satriale's and figure this out? (CNN)

More on Roman Polanski: has published the 1977 Grand Jury deposition of the then-13-year-old Samantha Gailey (now Geimer) about the encounter between her and Polanski that caused all the furor and sent the director to France, where he is still in exile.

Speaking of prosecuted, seems Pete Townshend won't be. (Evening Standard)

And can we say congrats to the new members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Geezers, all, but great ones: The Clash, The Police, Elvis Costello, AC/DC and The Righteous Brothers. Quote of the evening from Police guitarist Andy Summers: "I'd like to make it very clear that there is absolutely no ego in our band whatsoever." (AP)

The Pentagon isn't waiting for war to actually start before it goes Hollywood, paying art director George Allison (of David Blaine, "Good Morning America" and the upcoming Michael Douglas film "It Runs in the Family") to create a $20 0,000 set in Qatar for Gen. Tommy Franks' briefings. (NY POST)

Is Puma's new ad campaign, showing a kneeling, Puma-clad young lady, with a suspicious looking blob on her thigh, for real? "Unfortunately, they're fake," reports the Gawker. (Gawker)

Don't trash the first Clinton vs. Dole debate broadcast Sunday on CBS. "60 Minutes" creator Don Hewitt will do it for you. "We're going to make sure it looks like more of a confrontation next time," Hewitt says. (NY Post)

What do gossips love more than a cat fight? A cat fight between gossips, like the one between the Times' Joyce Wadler and Liz Smith. (Paul Colford)

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