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China censors the Stones, Don Johnson nabbed at the border and the Beastie Boys are "Mad" about Bush.

Published March 12, 2003 7:21PM (EST)

Is China ready for Mick Jagger and the boys? We aren't sure, since the Chinese government has told the band they cannot play "Brown Sugar," "Honky Tonk Woman," "Beast of Burden" or "Let's Spend the Night Together." A spokesperson for Beijing Time New Century Entertainment said she didn't know why the government had banned the four songs. We think we can guess. Remind anyone of Ed Sullivan, circa 1967? (BBC)

Zurich Vice? Don Johnson was stopped crossing the border from Switzerland to Germany and authorities say they found $8 billion worth of share certificates, bonds and credit notes in a suitcase. Johnson explained: "I am going to buy a car." We hope it has extra cup holders and real leather interior. (NY Post)

Seems the Beastie Boys aren't Bush fans. They recently broke their three-year silence and released a song titled "In a World Gone Mad" that includes the lyric: "You build more bombs as you get more bold/ As your midlife crisis war unfolds/ All you wanna do is take control/ Now put that Axis of Evil bullsh-- on hold." They said that some of the motivation for the release was the rumors that musicians had been discouraged from speaking out about the war during the Grammy presentations. (

We hear MTV star Johnny Knoxville has just been added to the cast of the remake of "Around the World in 80 Days," which already has Jackie Chan and Jim Broadbent in the lineup. The movie starts shooting in Thailand in March with Frank Coraci ("The Wedding Planner") directing.

George Clooney, always a good sport, was caught with his fly down at a karaoke bar in London. (Which of those two things is more embarrassing?) When someone yelled that his shirt was sticking out of his pants he quipped, "As long as it's only my shirt, I'm OK!" (Jeannette Walls)

Asking who is sexier, Julianne Moore or Diane Lane, is like asking whether you like the silver or the blue vintage Jaguar. We think they are both class acts. (TV Guide)

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