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Download a selection of protest songs from the Beastie Boys, Ani DiFranco, John Mellencamp, Chumbawamba and others.

By Salon Staff

Published March 13, 2003 9:33PM (EST)

The Beastie Boys released a song titled "In a World Gone Mad" to speak out "against an unjustified war." As Adam Yauch says on the band's Web site, "If we are truly striving for safety, we need to build friendships, not try to bully the rest of the world."

Apparently, they're not the only ones who feel that way, as a growing roster of artists have created songs to protest the war with Iraq and made them available for free through the Internet.

Salon has compiled a sampler of protest MP3s (and Real Video streams). Turn on -- and tune in -- below:

Zach De La Rocha & DJ Shadow: "March of Death"
Download: MP3 (from
Lyrics to "March of Death"
Official Web site:

System of a Down: "Boom"
Video Stream: Real Video (from
(Video directed by Michael Moore.)
Official Web site:

Beastie Boys: "In a World Gone Mad..."
Download: MP3 (from
Lyrics to "In a World Gone Mad..."
Official Web site:

Billy Bragg: "The Price of Oil"
Download: MP3 (from
Lyrics to "The Price of Oil"
Official Web site:

Chumbawamba: "Jacob's Ladder (Not in My Name)"
Download: MP3 (from
Lyrics to "Jacob's Ladder"
Official Web site:

Ani DiFranco: "Self Evident"
Download: MP3 (from
Lyrics to "Self Evident"
Official Web site:

John Mellencamp: "To Washington"
Download: MP3 (from
Lyrics to "To Washington"
Official Web site:

Saul Williams: "Not in My Name" (DJ Spooky Remix)
Download: MP3 (from Ninjatune Records)
Lyrics to "Not in My Name" (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Saul Williams official Web site:
Not in Our Name Music site:
Not in Our Name site:

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