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Howard Stern is pissed, the Dixie Chicks dis Bush, and Colin Farrell is going to be a daddy!

Published March 14, 2003 8:06PM (EST)

Howard Stern is suing the producers of the ABC show "Are You Hot" saying that they ripped off the E! Entertainment version of his radio show wherein a blunt panel critiques body parts and evaluates whether contestants are hot enough to be a Playboy playmate. Yep. They both sound equally raunchy to us. (Yahoo News)

Some Academy voters are demanding their ballots back so they can cross off the name Martin Scorsese. Why? Not because they don't love Marty or his directing of "Gangs of New York" but because they think Miramax went overboard (even by Hollywood standards) in running ads using an opinion column by director Robert Wise recommending Scorsese be given the best director Oscar this year. As far as we know, the ballots won't be returned, and the ad was pulled -- but feathers were ruffled. (LA Times)

The Dixie Chicks speak out! During a show in London on Monday Natalie Maines told the crowd: "Just so you know, we're ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas." They got a lot of reaction from the American public but didn't back down, saying they support the troops but were afraid of all the innocent lives that will be lost. The Chicks play another live show in Munich, Germany, on March 19. (Yahoo News)

In other music news, we hear that Natalie Merchant will be shunning the commercial recording industry and releasing her next album in June through an imprint on her Web site. (BoingBoing)

Why do movie stars date models? Because they can! Irish party boy Colin Farrell has confirmed that not only did he date an unnamed beauty but she and he will become parents in six months. (WENN)

TV/basketball planning alert: If we go to war, March Madness may end up on ESPN instead of CBS. (Washington Post)

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