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Michael Moore has bird envy, Mario and Moby called hawks, and Susan Sarandon finds out her mom is a Republican!

Published March 18, 2003 8:23PM (EST)

Michael Moore, whom the NY Post whimsically calls a "wide-bottomed windbag," is pissed at a documentary about birds. He's claiming that Sony Pictures Classics is limiting the screenings of "Winged Migration" (its entry at the Academy Awards) so that fewer members can vote (the rule says you can't vote in the category unless you've seen all the nominated films). This, says Moore, will favor Sony's film over his own documentary "Bowling for Columbine."

In other Michael Moore news, System of a Down's antiwar video for "Boom!" will premiere tonight on MTV2. The video features footage of war protests in London in February and is directed by the wide-bottomed one himself. (NME)

Poor Susan Sarandon ... it seems her mom is a Republican! The feisty 79-year-old told guests at her St. Patrick's Day party that she voted for George W. Bush and that "I simply agree with most everything he has said." We think that Thanksgiving at Mom's house with Susan and Tim and the gang would make a good documentary. (Washington Post)

Tobey Maguire, who starred in the huge box-office hit "Spider-Man," may not reprise his role in the sequel. He just finished playing a jockey in "Seabiscuit" and back pain may sideline him. Kirsten Dunst is fit and ready to play Jane Watson again and, if Tobey is out, guess who might pinch-hit for him? Kirsten's real-life squeeze, Jake Gyllenhaal. (People)

Sally Quinn is one good girl scout. When asked by her paper, the Washington Post, to share her terror-preparedness regime she offered: "I always carry an N95 mask. And I make sure everyone in my family has one. I also have escape hoods which fit easily over the head. Mine are supposed to last for four hours. I have a safe room with plenty of bottled water and food, in case stores are closed or we can't get out of the house. I've also stashed several bottles of good scotch and wine." We like her style. (MSNBC)

Moby and Mario Cuomo both called hawks! New York Magazine interviewed people around town, including Bill and Hillary Clinton and Mort Zuckerman as well as musician vegan Moby and philosopher prince Mario. For some odd reason they gave Cuomo three hawks (on a strangely conceived Hawk-o-Meter/flag waving scale) for saying "He [Bush] hasn't done anything wrong yet. Unless he stops diplomacy and goes in now." Moby is given two hawks for saying he hates George as much as he hates Saddam. Oh well, Hawk-o-Meters are no doubt quite difficult and cumbersome to calibrate.

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