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Tom Hanks and Armani say no to the Oscars, Liz says "ciao" to Hollywood, and we get a sneak peek of "Matrix" sequel.

Published March 21, 2003 7:46PM (EST)

Oscar watch: Academy insiders are saying as of today the show will go on. Meanwhile, ubiquitous Bono is at it again. He's given digital cameras to pals Adrien Brody, Ben Affleck, Daniel Day-Lewis, Diane Lane, Harvey Weinstein, Julianne Moore, Martin Scorsese and many others so they can snap pics during the Academy Awards and post them on AOL. For every download, AOL will donate to DATA -- the musician's AIDS charity. We love the Irish lad! Does he ever sleep? (Liz Smith)

Meanwhile, the body count continues. The biggest names saying no to the Oscars today are Tom Hanks and Giorgio Armani. Tom will be missed, but if Giorgio takes his clothes with him, many will be naked. (Evening Standard)

Liz Taylor says this year's Academy Awards appearance will be her swan song to showbiz. She will spend her days fighting AIDS (and, we assume, selling perfume). (People)

Protest of the week: Roy Scheider and about 75 others staged a mock funeral procession in the middle of Montauk Highway Tuesday. They played "Taps" and caused a 45-minute traffic jam. (Page Six)

Even Madonna is being affected by the war. We hear she is reediting her long-awaited video for the single "American Life" to make it more appropriate now that the fighting has begun. (Ananova)

Scud stud of Gulf War II, CNN's Nic Robertson, has been expelled from Baghdad, along with fellow CNN reporter Rym Brahimi.(AP)

Rock's most stylish man, Bryan Ferry, and his wife, Lucy Helmore, divorced today after 21 years of marriage. We are sorry for their pain, but if this column doesn't appear next week, dear readers, it may be because we have moved to London to console the poor gent. (Yahoo)

Another stylish guy, Keanu Reeves, shows up in movie theaters these days in a short that's a preview of the "Matrix" sequel. "The Final Flight of Osiris" was made by the same dudes who made "Matrix" (Andy and Larry Wachowski) and sets up the story for "The Matrix Reloaded," due to open May 15. (BBC)

We end on a surreal note from the art world: Andy Warhol's "Jackie," a series of paintings and prints made from images of Jacqueline Kennedy before and after the assassination of JFK will go on display today at the former School Book Depository building in Dallas. The exhibit moves to the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh on Nov. 22. (LA Times)

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