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Madonna hurls grenades at Bush, Meg Ryan bares all, and Richard Gere to open a spa? Plus: Hugh Grant is looking for someone to "breed" with!

Published March 31, 2003 7:48PM (EST)

Reports are that the video for the new Madonna single "American Life" shows wounded women and children and Madonna tossing grenades at the president. Says the controversial crooner, "It's not me being anti-Bush, it's me being ironic and tongue in cheek." And as savvy as ever. (Guardian) and (Drudge)

Cat, babe, glad to have you back. Cat Stevens (aka Yusuf Islam) is back in the studio after 25 years to raise money for children in Iraq. Other artists contributing to the album "Hope" for the War Child charity include Sir Paul McCartney, David Bowie and George Michael. What song did Stevens choose as his contribution? "Peace Train," of course. Release date is April 21. (BBC)

Speaking of Sir Paul, we hear that he is planning to turn down the volume when he plays the Roman Coliseum in May so the pope won't be disturbed. His people said, "We don't want to tone down the rock and roll element in the set -- we reckon the Pope may actually enjoy a boogie. But we don't want problems with the neighbours." Hey, Paul, why not invite the pontiff onstage for the encore? (The Age)

Sexy in Seattle? Is Meg Ryan going to try to change her goody-goody image? We hear she will star in Jane Campion's next movie "In the Cut" -- described as an "erotic thriller" in which Meg does her own graphic scenes. (MSNBC)

Richard Gere says he's interested in opening a retreat called Spa Tibet where the stressed can come for hot baths and massage. He would install his pal, the Dalai Lama, there -- we assume as meditation master to the stars. (Page Six)

They made him an offer ... Robert Duvall has been a tango fanatic for years, but it wasn't until Francis Ford Coppola offered to produce and raise money that the 72-year-old actor could make his dream come true. He wrote, directed and stars in "Assassination Tango," a film about a dancing hit man. We don't agree with Duvall when he says he's a "late bloomer." We think he bloomed pretty well back in 1962 as Boo Radley in "To Kill a Mockingbird." (CNN)

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon? We hear the producer duo (Craig Zadan and Neil Meron) that gave us "Chicago" is next going to do an all-singing, all-dancing version of the 1984 movie "Footloose." Said Zadan: "It will have a more experimental feel and will be closer in tone to "Moulin Rouge" than "Chicago." Also in the works for the pair? A remake of "Fahrenheit 451." Please, guys, assure as ASAP that that one won't be a musical. (Nzoom)

Attention gals -- Hugh Grant says he's fed up with acting and that if he "bumped into a fanstastic girl" at a party he would entertain thoughts of "settling down and breeding." Hey, with romantic talk like that, he shouldn't have much trouble! (Page Six)

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