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Ben and J.Lo star in a stinker, the Donald stars in a reality show, and Russell Crowe writes a down and dirty song. Plus: Who is the new Walter Cronkite?

Published April 2, 2003 7:35PM (EST)

Just when you thought it might be safe to start watching television again, the brilliant producers who gave us "Survivor" have come up with a new one: Imagine a group of Mini-Me wannabes, all vying for a job with N.Y. mogul Donald Trump. Each week the Donald fires someone until the last person left standing gets the job -- and a six-figure salary. No date was set for the start of the series, so there's still time to call it off. (Yahoo)

Print ads for the film "What a Girl Wants," starring Amanda Bynes, were changed this week because the original image was of the plucky lass, wearing a tank top with an American flag on it, flashing a peace sign with her fingers while standing between two British royal guards (the plot involves a young girl going to London to find her long-lost Brit dad). The new image loses the peace sign. Didn't know there was anything wrong with peace between the U.S. and Britain ... "(The Canadian Press)

"Tough Love," an unreleased movie starring Ben Affleck and J.Lo, is already getting lots of tough P.R. Rumors run amok that the movie stinks, that new endings were shot and that studio execs were heard shouting at each other. The release date was supposed to be November 2002; now it's scheduled for August. We hear the film is about a mobster, his lesbian lover and a young retarded man. We think we can wait until much later than August. (Page Six)

Say it ain't so, Crowe! We hear that Russell Crowe's new album, "Other Ways of Speaking," is full of love songs, plus one called "Swallow My Gift." His publicist says the gift is Russell's talent. Phew. Thanks for the clarification. (MSNBC)

TV Guide did a poll and one of the questions it asked was which news anchor was most trusted. CNN's Aaron Brown came in last, with runners-up Dan Rather of CBS, Peter Jennings of ABC, and Fox's Shepard Smith in a virtual tie. The winner of the Uncle Walter award for most trusted anchor: True blue Tom Brokaw of NBC. (TV Guide)

The world is a crazy place dept.: We hear that women in SARS-anxious Hong Kong are sporting masks with Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and other designs on them. We hope they are as effective as they are snazzy. (BoingBoing)

In other fashion news, the world's oldest dress has been found -- and it wasn't at Goodwill. The simple linen number, with mini-breast adornments that foreshadow Madonna and Jean-Paul Gaultier, is believed to be from 2400 B.C. and probably belonged to an Egyptian lady-who-lunched. (Guardian)

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