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Liv Tyler marries a hog, Russell wants his privacy, and Eddie Vedder pisses off some fans. Plus: The Brits name targets after Bond gal pals

Published April 3, 2003 8:07PM (EST)

Elf Arwen ties the knot! Liv Tyler was given away by one lead singer (dad Steve Tyler of Aerosmith) to another -- boyfriend Royston Langdon of Spacehog, at their secluded wedding last week in the Caribbean. We wonder who will play the reception. (BBC)

In other wedding news, Russell Crowe, whose wedding is on Monday, requested his home be a no-fly zone during the nuptials. But even though it's Russie's birthday, and even though the governor of Texas will be there (don't ask), the Australians in charge of such things said, "Sorry, Gladiator guy, we don't think so." (Zap2it)

Billy Bob Thornton is still legally married to Angelina Jolie but he's just broken up with his girlfriend Danielle Dotzenrod. Oh well, Billy's already been hitched five times so who's gonna quibble? (WENN)

Naming a war is an odd thing to do, but the Brits are at least doing it with some wit. They're calling their effort in Iraq "Operation James" and have dubbed targets "Blofeld" and "Goldfinger." Seems Saddam is a James Bond fan and they hope it's getting his panties in a bunch. We are particularly tickled by two targets outside Basra code-named "Pussy" and "Galore." (MSNBC)

"Sophie's Choice" author William Styron, speaking at a National Poetry Month gathering (along with Meryl Streep, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, Natalie Portman and Frank McCourt) dissed Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld: "He doesn't know firsthand what it's like to fight." Rummy was in the Navy, Styron was a Marine. Bill has a Pulitzer, Don doesn't. (NY Daily News)

Whoa, little cowboy. Seems Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder angered even some of his most loyal fans when he impaled a mask of George Bush on a microphone stand and slammed it on the stage while singing "Bushleaguer" at a show in Denver. Said one fan: "It was like he decapitated someone in a primal ritual and stuck their head on a stick ... It kinda blows away the Dixie Chicks." (Rocky Mountain News)

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