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Clinton and Gere bury the hatchet, Jennifer and Brad try to stop watching reality TV and Rob Lowe is scared of vampires. Plus: "Sopranos" news!

Published April 4, 2003 8:41PM (EST)

Bill Clinton ignored gorgeous models and made his way through a party crowd at Vogue editor Anna Wintour's home the other night to chat with Richard Gere. The actor had chastised the Clintons in public back in February for not supporting AIDS research during their eight-year tenure. We hear that all was well after the interlude and both guys were smiling. We are relieved and hope to see them singing and dancing together in a movie soon. (Page Six)

Speaking of made men (weren't we?) we have our fingers crossed that producers of "The Sopranos" will make Steve Buscemi an offer he won't refuse. The good rumor is he'll play a character called "Mr. Pink" and has been asked to direct an episode or two. The bad rumor is that Adrianna (Drea de Matteo) might be high on the whack list. (Yahoo)

We think Sir Elton John is quite cute. He celebrated his 56th birthday last week by taking over Hamburger Hamlet for a kiddie-style bash with balloons, confetti, crayons, hot dogs, a huge chocolate cake and -- the adult angle -- pink champagne. There was quite a fancy "Happy Birthday" chorus, too, including Sheryl Crow, Ed Norton, Salma Hayek and Melissa Ethridge. (WENN)

Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt are trying to start a family and say they want to wait until "Friends" is over. They also admit to an addiction to reality TV. We thought "Friends" was real. (NY Daily News)

Supermodel Sophie Dahl must have picked up some tips from her grandfather, writer Roald Dahl ("Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," "Switch Bitch") because not only is she doing the catwalk thing, she's also about to publish her second novel. The lovely lass says rumors that her first, "The Man with the Dancing Eyes," is about Mick Jagger are false. Hey, isn't everything about Mick Jagger? (Yahoo)

We wondered what Rob Lowe would do after leaving "The West Wing." We hear he will star in a miniseries based on Stephen King's novel "Salem's Lot." Lowe plays a man who returns to his hometown only to find it's been invaded by vampires. So it isn't that different from a series based in Washington after all! (Ananova)

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