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Polanski is pissed, Halle Berry is naked, and Victoria Gotti is canned. Plus: Justin Timberlake in a British brouhaha!

Published April 7, 2003 7:49PM (EDT)

We hear Roman Polanski is holding a grudge. He's upset at Adrien Brody for not thanking him in his acceptance speech at the Oscars and says he never wants to work with the young actor again. Hey, Roman, time to take a few forgiveness lessons from Samantha Geimer ... (Cindy Adams)

Halle Berry's breasts dept.: The gal known for gorgeous gowns and hot sex scenes is at it again. In her next film, "Gothika," she wakes up in a psycho ward with amnesia and has a soapy catfight in a shower. Another shameless bid for an Academy Award nomination? (WENN)

Want a reason to visit New York? Antonio Banderas is on Broadway in a revival of "Nine," a musical based on Federico Fellini's film "8 1/2" (which starred the last generation's heartthrob, Marcello Mastroianni.) Bravo, Antonio! (N.Y. Daily News)

In other cute-guy news, we hear that Justin Timberlake is causing quite a stir in Britain. He appeared in a photo with a bloodied face, trying to look cool, and was criticized for trying to copy a similar look sported by sports god David Beckham and of being in poor taste (what with a war on and all). Well, take a look for yourself here: (Mirror UK)

Victoria Gotti -- daughter of the late Teflon Don John Gotti -- was axed from her gossip-columnist job at the N.Y. Post after almost two years -- supposedly for "budgetary reasons." We hope her boss has a good insurance policy (and rearview mirror). (N.Y. Daily News)

It's a hard time in the concert tour world. The Stones canceled a trip to Asia because of SARS and today poor Sir Paul McCartney had to cancel a show in Sheffield, England, after losing his voice to a virus. He promised his fans he'd return to sing another day. (ITV)

The latest gossip about Ernest Hemingway and Marlene Dietrich is that they were "cerebral lovers" only. Letters from Hem to her were just donated to the John F. Kennedy library in Boston and will be sealed for four years. Until then, just imagining them on a date is better than anything on TV. (N.Y. Times)

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