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Bono will sing with Luciano, Russell sings to his bride, and Cher sings -- for the last time? Plus: Ozzie and Britney do fashion week in L.A.!

Published April 8, 2003 7:36PM (EDT)

The ubiquitous Bono will appear with Luciano Pavarotti in May at the annual Pavarotti and Friends charity concert in Modena, Italy. The funds will go to Iraqi citizens affected by war. Last year the tubby tenor raised big bucks for Afghan refugees ($3.3 million). Let's hope that next year he won't need to have a show. (BBC)

Aww ... Russell Crowe and his romantically named band, 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, serenaded his bride, Danielle Spencer, after their wedding yesterday. And they danced to Bjorn Again, a band of ABBA impersonators. The party must have been a success, since there were reports of many hangovers. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Winona Ryder's lawyer suggested to the court yesterday that the loot she swiped be auctioned off and the proceeds donated to charity. Since she ripped off a Marc Jacobs cashmere top ($760), a pair of Gucci shoes ($300) and two Yves St. Laurent blouses -- among many other items -- the sum raised could be hefty. Seems like a good idea, but the D.A. wasn't buying it. The judge told Winona, "I want you to continue what you have been doing." We assume he means community service, not visiting Saks. (Herald-Times)

The only thing better than a farewell Cher concert (on NBC tonight) is Tom Shales writing about it. He says the show is "all about outlandish outfits and having no shame" (duh) and hopes the wigged one will promise in writing to really stay away. Then he goes on to give us reasons to tune in: "One moment she's wearing what could be one of Liberace's old bathrobes and the next she sports an Arabian nightie." We think Tommy sounds a bit jealous of all the costume changes. And we all know that a "farewell concert" is merely the precursor to a "comeback tour." That's showbiz, baby! (Washington Post)

Suzy Menkes, of the pompadoured hair and unparalleled access, reports from L.A. that fashion week is in full splash, much of it poolside. What's a better war antidote than sightings of Reese Witherspoon, China Chow, Anjelica Huston, Britney Spears and Ozzie Osborne? And, only in California could a designer (Richard Tyler) describe his work as "my version of camouflage, but pretty." (International Herald Tribune)

Reporter Dean Staley describes an encounter with Geraldo Rivera after the brash one's ousting from the front lines in Iraq. On his way to banishment in Kuwait he stopped somewhere near Kabala and Staley says that while some of the soldiers wanted Rivera's autograph, others wanted him hurt. Still others, he was told, shook hands after putting them "in unmentionable places" prior. We are beginning to feel sorry for Geraldo, and we didn't think that was possible. (Pioneer Press)

And we must correct the item we linked to yesterday that said Adrien Brody didn't thank Roman Polanski at the Academy Awards. He did. But maybe Roman didn't hear it? We hope Cindy Adams heard bad dish and that the two men are laughing about it in some Parisian cafe right now.

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