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Madonna is everywhere, Pamela Anderson avoids a fashion faux pas, and Kato Kaelin won't go away! Plus: Can everyone just leave Aaron Brown alone?

Published April 9, 2003 6:23PM (EDT)

All Madonna, all the time! Mark your calendars, folks. The P.R. goddess is going to be everywhere this month. There's a live performance and Q&A with contest winners on MTV, then spots on "Today," "Dateline" and David Letterman. Oh, and don't forget the guest appearance on "Will and Grace." We expect she's maneuvering to play at the fall of Baghdad. (Ananova)

Whoa, little cowgirl! Rumors are that Pamela Anderson wanted to wear a big ol' hat to the country music video awards on Monday but the idea was nixed. Good thing: She wanted to sport a chapeau that was half American flag, half Confederate flag. Oh well, a lot of the audience wouldn't have been looking at her head, anyway. (Page Six)

Whether you love him or loathe him, Aaron Brown is always there and we must say that his demeanor is soothing amid all the media madness. And who else would say to a reporter, "There are times when there was nothing ... There was no place to go. There was no guest booked. There was no embed phoning in. My preference in that moment is to say, 'Let's everybody have a quiet six minutes.' But that is not an option." Perhaps someday if Mr. Brown gets tired of news he can put on Mister Rogers' sneakers. (N.Y. Observer)

Anti-antiwar protesters are threatening to boycott ABC's advertisers if the network airs a sitcom supposedly in production starring Janeane Garofalo. Wrote one man, "We do not wish to see the faces of liberal Hollywood, particularly those that provided aid and comfort to Saddam Hussein." Now that's the American way! (MSNBC)

He won't go away. Kato Kaelin says he's shot a pilot for a reality show called "Houseguest" that has him knocking on doors asking to move in. When someome does, he asks the kids which side of the bed their parents sleep on and then, "I actually hop into bed with the mom and dad." Why would anyone cooperate with such a stunt? "This is America," says Kato. "Who doesn't wish they were on TV?" Unfortunately, he's got a point. (TV Guide)

Well, if imitation is the highest form of flattery, Sir Michael Caine should feel fine. Jude Law is remaking two of the elder actor's films -- "Alfie" and "Sleuth." We hear that "Alfie" "will be given a more contemporary feel." Uh-oh. Does this mean that the womanizing cad will morph into a feminist who changes diapers and is in AA? (BBC)

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