Disasters of war

Photos you're unlikely to see on U.S. television.

Published April 11, 2003 10:41PM (EDT)

The images of the Iraq war being shown by media beyond the U.S. are more graphic and violent than most of what American viewers have seen on their TV channels and in their newspapers and magazines. Whether as a matter of politics or taste, U.S. media outlets traditionally do not present audiences with viscerally troubling visual evidence of war's insults to the human body.

As a service to our readers, Salon has assembled several links to photos of the Iraq war's carnage that have not been widely distributed offline in the U.S.

The photographs -- mostly from Al-Jazeera or from international press agencies reproduced in the Arab press -- are appearing on third-party sites (Al-Jazeera's own Web sites have been subject to technical problems throughout the war), and we cannot vouch for their authenticity or the accuracy of the information provided about them. Also please keep in mind that the images in many cases display a level of gore substantially greater than what the American media typically offers. Many readers may find them disturbing. Click at your own risk.

"Scoop" photo Gallery 1 (March 27)

"Scoop" photo Gallery 2 (March 27)

"Scoop" photo Gallery 3 (March 27)

Arab News gallery (April 7)

Arab News photo gallery (April 4)

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