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Jack Nicholson talks about his LSD trip with Cary Grant, Sharon Bush talks to Kitty Kelley, and Tony Blair talks to Homer Simpson! Plus: Can Paula fill Connie's Jimmy Choos?

Published April 16, 2003 7:16PM (EDT)

Those Weinstein Brothers love to hook the cute blondes. Their latest catch is Al Gore's daughter Karenna Gore Schiff and her book about unsung heroines of the 20th century. Miramax Books will publish her, and there's talk about a TV miniseries to follow (which we're sure will have a part for Gwyneth Paltrow). (N.Y. Post)

Speaking of blondes, Paula Zahn is taking Connie Chung's place on CNN with a new show called "American Evening With Paula Zahn." We're glad they cleared up what country they're broadcasting from. (Washington Post)

We aren't really surprised that Jack Nicholson admitted to a reporter he's been in therapy on and off since the 1960s -- after all, he loves an audience. The surprise is that part of the process back then was with a doc experimenting with LSD and his co-subjects were director John Huston and Cary Grant. Now that's a screenplay. (Daily Telegraph)

We hear HBO has pulled the Oliver Stone documentary on Fidel Castro, "Comandante," from its lineup in May. We don't have any inside info on why they did that, but there is a statement from the chairman of the Cuban American National Foundation congratulating the cable company for doing so: "HBO is well known for its professional integrity and allowing an aging dictator to distort the truth and go unchallenged would not have been in keeping with that tradition." Sure enough, the film isn't listed on the HBO Web site. Hmm ... wonder what the real reason is? (U.S. Newswire)

Will infamous biographer Kitty Kelley or former wife of Neil Bush, Sharon Bush, spill the beans on the first family? Kitty is working on her tome and now Sharon wants her own tell-all contract. The two gals lunched in New York the other day, so something is brewing. Word is that Sharon plans to show "that the family orchestrates its public image from top to bottom. She will reveal that the family is in essence a political operation." Gotta do better than that, honey, if you want the big money. (N.Y. Observer)

And to give a Dem equal time, we hear that prez candidate Howard Dean has the most fun contributors list so far: Slimfast guru S. Daniel Abraham, Cheesecake Factory president Michael Berry, New York Times writer Janet Maslin, actor George Gaynes (who played Commandant Lassard in the "Police Academy" movies), George Soros and cartoonist Garry Trudeau. (ABC News)

Prime Minister Tony Blair really does want to be everywhere. We hear he has lent his voice -- and a mellifluous one it is -- to an episode of "The Simpsons" tentatively called "The Regina Monologues" in which he gives tourism tips to Homer and the gang about their trip to England. We don't know what's next for Tony, but we hope it's a guest spot on "Sex and the City." We think the girls would go ga-ga over him. (N.Y. Daily News)

Reports are that Melissa Etheridge is marrying her girlfriend Tammy Lynn Michaels. We wonder if she and Tammy will now be asking Stephen Stills or Graham Nash for some sperm. Sorry, folks, it was a softball so we had to hit it. We'll leave you now.

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