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Traci Lords tells all, Monica is the hostess with the mostest, and Steve Buscemi is mad about firefighters! Plus: Mike Piazza confesses every time he has sex.

Published April 21, 2003 6:50PM (EDT)

Wonder what porn star Traci Lords has been up to all these years? Seems she's been scribbling her memoirs and now, at age 35, she'll publish them for all to see. She was high school senior Nora Kuzma by day and nude centerfold Traci by night before she jumped into triple-X movies. And who was the first legit actor she kissed after leaving that sordid world? Ken Wahl on "Wiseguy" -- the series that was "The Sopranos" before "The Sopranos." (Page Six)

We warned you a couple of weeks ago, and now the day is here -- the premiere of the Monica Lewinsky-hosted dating show "Mr. Personality" is tonight on Fox (where else?), and we dare you not to watch it. The world has become more surreal than even Salvador Dali would have been able to believe. Instead of dripping timepieces, you have bachelors in masks dating a woman who is supposed to pick her dream date based on his personality! Now when has that ever happened? Actually, we noticed that the preview images of men in theatrical masks are creepily reminiscent of some of the scenes in the great Stanley Kubrick's last film, "Eyes Wide Shut." (USA Today)

We just heard that there's a catfight in Florence, Italy, over how Michelangelo's David should be cleaned for his 500th birthday next year. Art restorer Agnese Parronchi is refusing to use the "wet method" her supervisor Franca Falletti wants because she says it will remove the protective patina given it by the artist. We've seen the statue over the years and we think he looks just fine as he is, grazie. (The Guardian)

Joe Strummer is probably smiling in rock star heaven. His first band mates, the 101ers, played together for the first time since 1976 in London Sunday and the event raised money for the Strummerville charity to help struggling rock 'n' rollers. Former Clash guitarist Mick Jones joined in, playing "London Calling," among other faves. Old rockers never really die, they just keep singing to us -- thank god. (BBC)

Steve Buscemi used to be a New York firefighter before he became the star of most indie films. Now he's hopping mad that Mayor Bloomberg is threatening to close up to 38 firehouses to save money. We think he's right. And besides protecting the city and its citizens, firefighters raise the cute quotient in New York more than any other group. We say hire more, not fewer! (Washington Post)

Now if you believe this ... Mets superstar Mike Piazza says he's ready to settle down with his girlfriend, former Playmate Alicia Rickter, but that every time they have sex he confesses to friends of his who are priests. He says, "If I confess to them, they'll say that you should wait for marriage, but if you care for the girl that matters too." And since Mike says that Alicia "is without a doubt the most beautiful girl I've ever dated" it's pretty clear he cares! (N.Y. Daily News)

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