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An Osbourne goes to rehab, Nic and Adrien go to a party together, and Larry Flynt goes to Yale looking for a nude Bush daughter!

Published April 29, 2003 5:07PM (EDT)

Hustler publisher Larry Flynt says he's heard there's a "nude party" videotape floating around Yale with the president's 21-year-old daughter Barbara Bush in a featured role. Flynt is offering $1 million for the hot reel and, in a moment of rare understatement, said if he could get his hands on such a tape "it would create a considerable amount of press." (N.Y. Post)

Maybe it's just part of hazing before you're really part of the family, but Jack Osbourne is in rehab at the tender young age of 17. No one is saying what the treatment is for, but the California clinic he's in deals with drug addiction and psychiatric care. Speaking like any parent who has been in a hardcore rock band, dad Ozzie Osbourne said, "What right do I have to say anything when I've come home in police cars and ambulances? On the whole, every kid screws up. They're not in the army." (MTV))

Brit bombshell Elizabeth Hurley finally used the line made for divas like herself -- when flight attendants on British Airways refused to let her boyfriend Arun Nayar move up to first class with her, she yelled, "Do you know who I am?" Don't ever let anyone tell you to behave, darling -- good star tantrums are so rare these days! (IMDB)

We who care about such things note that Nicole Kidman showed up at last night's Costume Institute gala "party of the year" at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC -- not only in glittering Gucci but with adorable Adrien Brody. You'll remember he got her digits after the Academy Awards ceremony and I guess she gave him the right ones. (N.Y. Times)

James Brown turns 70 this weekend and is about to take his jumpsuits and high heels on the road again this summer. The hardest working man in showbiz has a lot to say about music today, and he doesn't sugarcoat it: "Everybody lost their style after Whitney and Mariah," he said. "There's no depth. No taste. It's like cooking collard greens and not putting any meat in them." (USA Today)

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By Karen Croft

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