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Eggers says "I do," "Millionaire" runner-up Sarah says "I will" to Playboy, and Larry David gets Glicked!

Published April 30, 2003 5:57PM (EDT)

For all you Dave Eggers groupies out there (and you know who you are), he's now officially unavailable. The literary darling tied the knot with writer Vendela Vida, the winner of the Name Most Likely to be in a Pedro Almodóvar Movie Contest. Spies say that Michael Chabon and Nick Hornby were guests at the San Francisco wedding last weekend. (Page Six)

Hmmm ... we heard that Playboy is going back to the old days when they'd lure famous women onto their covers. Does this count? "Joe Millionaire" runner-up Sarah Kozer is the June cover babe, wearing a crotch-length white skirt, with top hat and cleavage as accessories. Unlike her behavior on the Joe show, this time she was coy, waiting until the third time the mag asked. And even then, she agreed only if they promised there'd be no full-frontal nudity. After all, she said, "I was a women's studies major." So that's why she was so good at making Evan Marriott happy in the woods! (MSNBC)

Martin Short's hilarious hippo-shaped character Jimmy Glick returns to Comedy Central tonight on "Primetime Glick" and riffs that Rex Harrison was the first rapper because he talked the songs in "My Fair Lady." He goes on to impersonate Larry David in a mock promo for "Curb Your Capitalism." We need no other reasons to tune in. (Washington Post)

Fear of SARS is going to force J.Lo's and Richard Gere's assistants to reschedule all of their travel plans from Toronto to Winnipeg. The two hot numbers were set to start filming "Shall We Dance" in June and, even though the World Health Organization lifted the travel restrictions to Toronto today, Miramax is taking no chances. We hear the film is about a married accountant who finds joy and passion in ballroom dancing. Take your time, guys. We think the world can wait for this one. (Zap2it)

We feel the need for an Al moment. There are rumors that Al Pacino and Winona Ryder are an "item," but we don't believe it. Al's not in a rock band, for one thing, and he has always said Winona and he are friends. We also disagree with most of the reviewers and recommend you see his latest, "People I Know." We know a few flacks, and this admittedly strange film gets what that job can do to your soul. Plus, Pacino's face has become like Richard Burton's voice -- you want to follow everything it does. (N.Y. Daily News)

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