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Elizabeth Hurley goes for Mile High Club membership, Gwyneth goes down for a nap, and the Buttafuocos call it quits. Plus: DJ Jazzy Dubya?

Published May 6, 2003 7:30PM (EDT)

Gwyneth Paltrow needs a break. The busy actress did two films right after her father died last year, then committed to a movie about poet Sylvia Plath that ended up being too much for her. Word is that the lovely lady pulled out of the project just before shooting was to begin. We think that's a good idea. Take some time off, honey, go to Hawaii, and then come back and do a musical! (Page Six)

Al Pacino was just named best actor of all time in a British Channel 4 poll where more than 25,000 votes were cast. The top 10 includes Robert De Niro,, Anthony Hopkins, Cary Grant and, somehow, Tom Hanks. How soon they forget, eh, Sir Larry? (Ananova)

What a surprise! Joey Buttafuoco and wife Mary Jo are getting a divorce. Seems he has a girlfriend and she has a boyfriend. Details, details ... As long as no one's pulling a gun, it can all work out, can't it? (TV Guide)

Seems President Bush's drawl is candy to rap samplers in the U.K. London duo Lawgiverz uses this phrase in their latest record, "Bass Instinct": "America was targeted for attack because we are the bright beacon for evil and the very worst of human nature." Other producers are rushing to sample DJ Jazzy Dubya, and a British publication says, "Many producers could not resist the temptation to alter the president's words, either to make a political point or simply to make Bush look stupid." No need to bust the budget on the latter, duckies. (Guardian)

We had heard last week that Elizabeth Hurley threw a fit when boyfriend Arun Nayar wasn't allowed with her in first class on a flight. Now we are told that all may have been misunderstood. The latest version of the story has the frisky pair attempting to join the Mile High Club -- definitely both in first class. Hurley's people deny the story but are happy to get in on the P.R. A spokesperson for British Airways said, we assume with a straight face: "We're delighted to see that British Airways' spacious flat beds in first class are being put to good use. It is a welcome example of how our unique flat beds offer not only great comfort, but room enough for two." We're delighted, too! (MSNBC)

Wal-Mart, always the bastion of freedom and quality, has decided to ban laddie mags Maxim, FM and Stuff from its trillion or so stores because of the hot chick pics. Guess the guys will have to mosey on over to the 7-Eleven now to satisfy their cleavage cravings. But hey, has anyone at the conservative chain ever really looked at the bra ads in McCall's? Get on it, folks -- everything's a fetish to someone. (N.Y. Times)

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