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Eddie and Christy are the cutest, Bobby De Niro is the hairiest, and David and Victoria Beckham are the horniest. Plus: A romantic comedy about SARS?

Published May 7, 2003 6:48PM (EDT)

Looks like we can use a pen in our calendar books for this one -- the wedding of Ed Burns and Christy Turlington that had been planned for October 2001 and was canceled after 9/11 is now said to be on for this June. Is there a cuter couple on campus? We think not. (Page Six)

Speaking of cute, we love, love, love Robert De Niro but we hope he loses the long, long goatee (or whatever it is) on that chinny chin chin. He told Katie Couric on "The Today Show" this morning that he grew it for a role, and she wondered if he kept his keys in there. He sort of chuckled. Bobby is doing interviews to promote the second year of his TriBeCa Film Festival, which is drawing crowds -- and needed bucks -- to downtown New York. Bravissimo, Roberto. Now go grab a Gillette, babe. (Yahoo)

We know many think that Gore Vidal has lost some of his marbles. We don't care. He had more to start with than most. At a recent N.Y. event honoring Susan Sarandon (he's godfather to one of her kids) he piped up, as is his wont, noting that since "there are no longer two political parties" in the United States, "if celebrities don't speak out, nobody does." We hope there are curmudgeons in training somewhere, for when Gore and his ilk are gone. (N.Y. Observer)

Justin Timberlake reports that during a dinner he shared with hot Brit couple David and Victoria Beckham the two lovebirds were "constantly groping." Well, we hear that David paid the check, so we guess he gets to nibble anything he wants. (Ananova)

We hear that movie studios in Hong Kong and China have begun work on films about SARS and that top actress Gong Li might play a nurse in one of them. The BBC reports: "Hong Kong's Mandarin Films is producing 'The City of Sars,' directed by Steve Cheung, which is due for release as early as July. Billed as a comedy drama, it will interweave three stories centered around the rise of the illness. One is a love story about two people who meet when they are forced into quarantine. The second revolves around Hong Kong's medical workers and their struggle to cope. The third involves a businessman who attempts to catch SARS after the illness makes him bankrupt." We are more convinced than ever that the world, to paraphrase '80s TV character "Buffalo Bill" (Dabney Coleman), "is going to hell in a shrimp boat."

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