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Is George Clooney the ideal boyfriend? Is J.Lo stealing "Flashdance" moves? And why are "Matrix" fans so upset? Plus: A new use for bras!

Published May 8, 2003 7:44PM (EDT)

The persistent rumors that squinty cutie Renée Zellweger is dating tall, dark and handsome George Clooney may die down with the latest comments from Renée, but we think not. The actress says she would tell the world if indeed she were George's gal pal. "No, I'm not dating him. And it's such a shame because everyone should be dating George Clooney." We love the concept. (IMDB)

It sounds like an episode of "Seinfeld," but we hear that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is upset with Jason Alexander for those Kentucky Fried Chicken ads he does. PETA claims that the KFC people are cruel to the chickens before they fry them up. Alexander's people say he had discussions with the company and reportedly got them to change some of their practices because "Jason was moved to hear of studies showing that chickens are as intelligent and sensitive as dogs." Hmmm ... is the world ready for Kentucky Fried Turkey? (Jeannette Walls)

Seems like there's a new, strange SARS story every day. Today's is a report out of Taiwan that villagers have run out of masks and are using bras to cover their faces instead. A small bra factory is cooperating by cutting bras in half and sewing on straps. We won't ask why the same factory doesn't just start making masks. We won't ask. (Yahoo)

J.Lo will do anything to stay in the news. This week there's no hot gossip about her and Ben Affleck so instead we get a lawsuit threat from the makers of "Flashdance" who claim the bodacious-butt girl stole moves from the Jennifer Beals cult hit for her latest video "I'm Glad." Copying dance steps is one thing, but we don't think it's worth suing unless J.Lo also pulled the bra-removal-under-the-shirt move. Now that was choreography! (Yahoo)

Caroline Kennedy is on the talk-show circuit promoting her new book "A Patriot's Handbook" and is already getting criticism from the left for using the word "patriot." We say, leave the poor woman alone. She's getting enough grief from the tykes. When Kennedy visited a Manhattan school recently (she works as a fundraiser for the public system) the teacher asked the class, "Do you have any idea who this is?" One girl raised her hand and said, "Britney Spears?" At least Caroline knows who Britney is. We aren't sure if the opposite would be true. (MSNBC)

"Matrix" fans are upset at Time magazine for revealing plot details of "Unloaded" in a cover story, even though readers were warned. Time's executive editor said, "It's part of what we sell when we get exclusive news. We were the only newsmagazine with access, and that's one of the great assets of the cover story." Gee, considering AOL Time Warner owns both the studio that produced the film and the magazine, that access must have been pretty tough to get. Chalk another one up to the P.R. department. (USA Today)

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