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Mayor Bloomberg marries Babawawa, 90210 gang shares the love, and Gisele gets tanked on Leno. Plus: Demi Moore harasses the help!

Published May 9, 2003 7:32PM (EDT)

We didn't see "The View" yesterday, but we hear New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg showed up for a sweeps-week stunt the gals staged: a mock "fantasy wedding" with Barbara Walters, who used to date the mayor way back when he was not in politics and not so disliked by most New Yorkers. Well, Bloomie, as one of our friends in show biz used to say: "If you're on thin ice, you may as well dance." (NY Post)

Yeow! Demi Moore is being accused of acting like one of the characters she played in "Disclosure." In that 1994 movie she seduced Michael Douglas and then accused him of sexual harassment. In the real-life case, Lawrence Bass, a man she hired to manage her Idaho ranch, says, "I was on my knees on the floor, trying to get into a cabinet, when she came up beside me and began lightly stroking my neck in a very sensual way." When he said "No, thanks" he was fired and is now asking for damages. Demi's people say the lawsuit has no merit, but we think Bass knows a move when he sees it -- he used to be Hugh Hefner's butler! (NY Daily News)

It's, like, so exciting that "Beverly Hills 90210" is having a reunion show this Sunday. And it's, like, so stupid that people think Shannen Doherty and Tori Spelling are having a feud. And it's so neat that the show is on 'cause it reminds us that life is totally like high school. (TV Guide)

Madonna mia! A man released from a prison on a 72-hour leave in Pavia, Italy, went home and within minutes asked guards if he could come back to prison, saying he didn't want to spend any more time with his wife. Her pasta sauce must have been off that day. (Ananova)

In classic supermodel style, Gisele Bündchen caused a scene before her appearance on the "Tonight Show" yesterday. She arrived backstage with entourage in tow, yelled to an assistant, "Do you have my G-string?" and downed a margarita or two for courage. Who could blame her? The gal had put in a grueling day modeling Victoria's Secret underwear in a special Mother's Day show. We think she earned her taste of tequila. (Fox News)

Speaking of supermodels and their desires, we hear that Robert De Niro is No. 1 on Naomi Campbell's list of preferred sperm donors. Seems the lanky lass looked around at her mommy model pals Kate Moss and Claudia Schiffer and decided "I want a baby too!" Analyze that, Bobby. (IMDB)

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