The founder of Predictive Networks responds to Farhad Manjoo's "Your TV Is Watching You."

Published May 12, 2003 7:30PM (EDT)

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Your magazine presciently worries about the privacy of TV viewers in today's article "Your TV Is Watching You," but completely ignores the privacy technology that I developed when I founded Predictive Networks (the company lambasted in the article).

Users of Predictive technology are protected by technology, not policy (which can become malleable, especially when dollars are at stake). Privacy hawks with impeccable technology credentials, such as Whitfield Diffie of Sun Microsystems, have endorsed Predictive. Even the radical privacy movement, represented by Lauren Weinstein of Vortex, has begrudgingly admitted that Predictive is apart and above the rest, because of its technology.

If journalists took the time to understand the Predictive privacy-protection technology, it might calm their paranoid rhetoric and appease their justified Orwellian concerns.

-- Devin F. Hosea, founder, Predictive Networks

By Salon Staff

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