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Paul McCartney gets his diary back, Michael Moore gets the Mouse in trouble, and Katie Couric gets a body rub from Mike Meyers. Plus: Who fans go for broke!

Published May 13, 2003 7:53PM (EDT)

I read the news today, oh boy. The cute Beatle just keeps making headlines. This time it's another example of real life being more unbelievable than anything you could make up. Seems two Italian sisters somehow made their way into Paul McCartney's London home in 1980 and made off with a red diary, a pair of boots and some music paper (as they describe it). Fast-forward to last weekend after McCartney's concert in Rome. The sisters, unable to sell the loot without Paul's authentication, decide to go straight and return the diary. Paul, we hear, called them "naughty" and then said the diary was indeed his and signed autographs. We are happy he got the book back, but wonder where the "music paper" is, eh girls? (BBC)

We think the gossip has gotten smaller. In the good old days when things were kept secret by the press, people could let 'er rip in private and not worry about being outed until they were dead. Now that JFK and Frank Sinatra are gone, Frank's valet is telling all -- or most -- of what he saw those bad boys doing in the roaring '50s and '60s. He tells of cocaine parties with JFK and Peter Lawford at Frank's house in Palm Springs, Calif., racist comments by Joe Kennedy and basic gossip mongering by the president, who wanted to know if Janet Leigh was cheating on Tony Cutis. He also says Ol' Blue Eyes concealed his larger-than-normal penis with custom-made underwear. So perhaps the book was authorized, after all. (N.Y. Post)

Gossip may have gotten smaller, what with the demise of big people to gossip about like Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra, but Michael Moore hasn't gotten any smaller -- or any quieter. He reportedly told Bob Costas that he thinks President Bush knows where Osama bin Laden is but won't go after him because bin Laden is funded by Bush family friends in Saudi Arabia. Moore is making a movie -- "Fahrenheit 911" -- about the alleged ties between the Bushes and the Carlyle Group and Miramax is providing bridge funding for it so parent company Disney is now facing threats of boycotts by Bush supporters. What a tangled web. But hey, if Miramax produces the movie, at least there's a good chance Gwyneth Paltrow will have a part in it! (N.Y. Daily News)

So, the sweeps-week stunt of having Jay Leno and Katie Couric trade places was a hit -- especially for cute Couric, who got huge ratings for her stint as host of the "Tonight Show" last night. But Jay shouldn't feel bad -- he didn't have Mike Meyers and Robbie Williams rubbing up against him like Katie did. (Drudge)

Who fans have a lot of cash, it seems. Sotheby's auctioned off guitars and other items from the estate of John Entwistle, who died last year at age 57. The highest amount was more than £95,000 for his Gibson Explorer, and Entwistle's pink Fender, nicknamed Frankenstein (because it was made from the remains of five smashed instruments), sold for more than £62,000. We wonder if we'll be seeing these items at a Hard Rock somewhere in L.A.? (Ananova)

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By Karen Croft

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