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Geraldo gets Jewish, Heidi Fleiss gets a court order, and JFK's intern goes public. Plus: Jon Stewart loves faking it!

Published May 15, 2003 6:51PM (EDT)

We wonder what it feels like to have an ego as big as all outdoors. Geraldo Rivera is marrying for the fourth time. He's 59 and she's 28 but that's just a cliché. The intriguing part is that Rivera, who is half Jewish and half Puerto Rican, now says he's going to have a Reform Jewish ceremony. Says Geraldo, "I'm making a conscious decision to take this whole Judaism thing seriously. I think the Jews need me right now." (Washington Post)

You know they had to do it -- a remake of the 1975 film "The Stepford Wives" is in the works for a probable spring 2004 realease. Published cast members include Nicole Kidman, John Cusack, Matthew Broderick, Faith Hill, Glenn Close and -- praise the lord -- Christopher Walken. But we have inside info that this inspired group will also include Kate Shindle, who was Miss America in 1998. Sounds like someone gets it, and we can't wait. (Yahoo)

Actor Tom Sizemore ("Robbery Homicide Divison") faces 16 charges including domestic violence and witness intimidation after he threatened former fiancée and Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss. What would make it a perfect, ripped from the headlines plot for "Law and Order" is if Charlie Sheen would make a guest appearance. (CNN)

Political correctness rears its ugly head most every day now. We hear that Miramax had posters printed for its July film "Buffalo Soldiers" showing star Joaquin Phoenix flashing a peace sign. Since the film is based on mercenary soldiers in the Cold War era, the tag line supposedly says, "Steal all you can steal." Pressure from unnamed sources who think this is just too antiwar may cause the studio to yank the artwork and redo it. But hey, if Harvey Weinstein isn't big enough to tell everyone to shut up, who is? (MSNBC)

Seems author Robert Dalleck's right about JFK's dalliance with a 19-year-old intern back in 1962. Mimi Fahnestock, who is now 60 and living in New York, confirmed that she was the gal described in the new book "An Unfinished Life." She was given a job in the White House not for her typing but for other skills appreciated by the president. She kept mum, not even telling her daughters, for all these years. So Mimi was no Monica. But she was lucky enough to live in a time before Ken Starr and his icky ilk existed. (N.Y. Daily News)

As usual, Jon Stewart has the most pithy take on the most surreal news items. When asked recently about the rampant plagiarism practiced by Jayson Blair and Stephen Glass the comic said, "As a fake newsman myself, it's always encouraging to see the profession catching on. If I can inspire one guy to make up all his sources, well then I've done my job." (N.Y. Observer)

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