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Hillary chats about brides, Simon and Garfunkel chat about a reunion and Cameron and Drew guzzle champers like they're on "Ab Fab"!

By Amy Reiter - Karen Croft
June 27, 2003 6:49PM (UTC)
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Hillary Clinton is still pushing the book and she's been asked, and asked, and asked about the "challenges" she's faced in her marriage but this week she was asked what advice she'd give to June brides. "June is nearly over," she said accurately, "but I just wish everyone who is getting married a lot of happiness -- and a lot of understanding." Hill should consider being a syndicated advice columnist -- with her experience she could put all the others out of business. (SF Chronicle)

Speaking of marriage, rumors seem to be getting stronger that Simon and Garfunkel will tour together this fall, despite all of the stories about bickering and disagreements between the two icons of sensitive music. Hey, as Hillary knows -- what's better for creativity than a good fight? Let's hope the ticket price for this tour is a bit less than it was the last time (as much as $350). (Fox News)


Candidate John Kerry was put on the spot this week when it was reported that Enron founder Ken Lay has been on the board of his wife's environmental group, the Heinz Center, for the last several years. He resigned earlier this year, so the point will probably be dropped by Kerry opponents looking for something to gnaw on, but at least we get a good quote out of the story, from Kerry communications director Chris Black who explains, "Whatever troubles he had at Enron, Ken Lay had a good reputation in the environmental community for being a businessman who was environmentally sensitive. When someone does wrong in one part of their life, it doesn't mean they can't do good in another part of their life." And that is our sermon for the day. (Washington Post)

Just because Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore showed up drunk at the New York premiere of "Charley's Angels: Full Throttle," fully throttled on champers (on foot and therefore breaking N.Y. laws against drinking in the street) doesn't mean that they aren't doing good things in other parts of their lives. (Herald Sun)

-- Karen Croft


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J.K. Rowling drew gasps of disbelief from the 4,000 young Harry Potter fans who gathered to see her interviewed at Royal Albert Hall in London on Thursday when she told them that she didn't really believe in magic. "I believe in some kinds -- the magic of imagination and the magic of love. But the magic of waving a wand and making things happen, no," she said. But Rowling clearly believes in fame, gushing that her appearance before the cheering throngs was "the nearest I will ever get to being a Beatle." But like magic, fame apparently has its dark side, too. Asked to name the magical power she would most like to have, Rowling responded, "I would love the power of invisibility. It is a little bit sad, but I would sneak off to a cafe and write all day." That is a little bit sad. (CNN)

Also a little bit sad: The diamond necklace Eminem gave to a female fan onstage in Scotland earlier this week, telling the crowd it was worth $450,000, has turned out to be a fake. A jewel expert has valued the whopping "diamond"-encrusted cross at about $83, adding, "The chain is nickel and would probably stain your clothes if you wore it too much." Nevertheless, the fan to whom Eminem presented it said "I will still treasure it." (U.K. SUN)


Horrors! Gwyneth Paltrow has been spotted with a zit!

Will Kevin Costner change his Native American name to Dances with Brides? He's getting hitched again. (Reuters)

Also maybe married to a longtime girlfriend, former "Ally McBeal" star Portia de Rossi. (Newsday)


Another love match, Us Weekly editor Bonnie Fuller and American Media, publisher of the National Enquirer, the Star and the Globe. Just 16 months after joining Jann Wenner's staff and leading Us to profitability, Fuller's skipping out for greener pastures. And I do mean greener. She's said to be poised to collect some $3 million in her new position as American Media's editorial director. (N.Y. Post)

Sen. Ted Kennedy on nephew-in-law (or whatever) Arnold Schwarzenegger's possible run for California governor: "Listen, Arnold is great. And I never argue with Arnold, particularly when he's holding me by my ankles upside-down. But I intend to support the Democrat." (Boston Herald via N.Y. Daily News)

Here's hoping Jed Clampett isn't going the way of Strom Thurmond. (Jed, move away from there!) Buddy Ebsen, formerly of "The Beverly Hillbillies" and "Barnaby Jones," has been admitted to a California hospital for treatment of an undisclosed illness. On the bright side, a hospital staffer says the 95-year-old actor's "condition is good." (Associated Press)


-- Amy Reiter

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