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Eminem's wife: I'm innocent! Do brunettes really have more fun? Plus: The Kennedy-Cuomo split gets uglier.

By Amy Reiter
Published July 2, 2003 2:49PM (EDT)

Eminem's ex-wife, Kim Mathers, contends that she's innocent of the drug-possession charges brought against her in Detroit a few weeks ago after she was nabbed with what appeared to cops to be two baggies containing 25 grams of cocaine in the glove compartment of her Cadillac Escalade. She posted $750 bond and has been ordered to undergo drug testing until she returns to court in September. (MTV)

Also allegedly treading on the wrong side of the law: tarnished "American Idol" also-ran Justin Guarini. The singer was ticketed by police in Grand Prairie, Texas, last weekend, after he nearly ran over a 5-year-old girl with a personal watercraft. Also onboard the watercraft: Guarini's fellow "Idol," big-screen costar and "good friend" Kelly Clarkson. (Associated Press)

If Reese Witherspoon is reeling from the mediocre reviews for "Legally Blonde 2," here's a further blow: A study conducted at Florida State University has apparently determined that brunettes actually have more fun. "Gentlemen do not prefer blondes. They prefer brunettes," says Dr. Kelley Kline, an FSU prof who studied sex appeal. What's more, he says, "[They] overwhelmingly find the long hair length significantly more attractive than the short and the medium hair length." (N.Y. Post)

The cries of marital betrayal from Andrew Cuomo's camp are getting louder. A "close friend of Cuomo's" has told the press that the Democratic pol's estranged wife, Kerry Kennedy Cuomo, had an affair with "a married man Andrew considered one of his closest friends." Cuomo is said to have walked in on his wife and buddy mid-clinch. (N.Y. Daily News)

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