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Jon Stewart wants Angelina Jolie's child! Hollywood saved by Hugh Hefner! Frank Rich says Jayson Blair not sexy enough! Plus: Daniel Day-Lewis was into leather.

By Salon Staff
Published July 15, 2003 3:02PM (EDT)

Angelina Jolie loves motherhood so much (she adopted her son, Maddox, from a Cambodian orphanage last year) that she wants to adopt another. She said, "I know now, because I'm an adoptive parent, there's this weird feeling that if I had a biological child next year there would be this kid out there that I would have adopted that now isn't adopted, and is now living in an orphanage, so I can't now." Huh? Jon Stewart had Jolie on his show last night and after he raved about how cute her kid was he asked, "Can I have him?" Jolie said, "You can have him for a little while." Aww ... (WENN)

Does anyone know who saved Hollywood? Seems it was none other than Hugh Hefner. The famous Hollywood sign turned 80 on Sunday and there were balloons and cake, and local poobahs came together to celebrate the beleaguered sign (one of the "O's" fell off due to termite damage on the scaffolding and arsonists set fire to an "L" at one point). But thanks to a fundraising effort by the ur-Playboy the sign has had a lovely face-lift. Way to keep it up, Hef! (BBC)

New York Times columnist Frank Rich says the Jayson Blair scandal at his paper isn't sexy enough to have legs, and he's probably right. He says, "My guess is that the announcement of the new Times editor will not start up a new mediathon because a) it will lack any scandal component (or so I hope!) and b)the new editor will not be a celebrity ... " Who knows, Bill Keller could put on one of Hef's robes and hang with seven blondes -- that would stir things up a bit ... (I Want Media)

As everyone knows by know, Daniel Day-Lewis spent almost a year during his break from acting in 1999 working as an apprentice to a shoemaker in Florence, Italy. The artisan, Stefano Bemer, loved his actor-worker and would hire him back anytime to make the $1,500/pair shoes. He said Day-Lewis was a hard worker, but would get upset if just one stitch was not right. "I used to say to him, 'Daniel, no one is perfect.'" It's Method, Stefano. (Fox News)

--Karen Croft

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Katharine Hepburn's biographer, A. Scott Berg, would like you to know that the quickie release of "Kate Remembered" was something the actress herself wanted. "We were observing what I felt were Kate's wishes, to get the book out as soon as possible after her death," Berg says. Hepburn was afraid that, otherwise, history and the rumor mill would be as posthumously unkind to her as it was to her former lover Howard Hughes. "She talked about what a ridiculous figure Howard had become in the public imagination. It pained her because she always said he was such a brilliant man," Berg says. "And yet he is thought of as a kook with long fingernails, and scraggly hair walking around with Kleenex boxes on his feet, and that's because nobody set the record straight and the myths were allowed to perpetuate." (Reuters)

Rush Limbaugh has been hired by ESPN as a football commentator for the weekly show "Sunday NFL Countdown." Limbaugh tells reporters, "I think football is a lot like life; I know life pretty well, and I'm looking forward to working with some of the best people in the business, who are either in sports journalism or who have played the game." Alas, his new gig is expected to have no impact on his syndicated radio show. (Reuters)

Best of the Rest
Page Six: Linda Fiorentino wins suit against producer who wanted to shoot her naked, masturbating on a rock formation and wearing "an unwashed pair of Marlene Dietrich's black silk panties" in derailed Georgia O'Keeffe biopic; "From Justin to Kelly" smellier bomb than even Madonna's "Swept Away" and Mariah Carey's "Glitter"; and if you've ever spent the night with a rock star, VH1 wants to hear from you.

Rush and Molloy: Cameron Diaz fights to keep photographer from releasing old snaps that show her "topless, wearing interesting outfits," alleges extortion; Angelina Jolie suddenly refuses to answer questions about lesbian relationships; J.Lo accused of greedily loading up duffle bag with free Louis Vuitton gear, coming back for socks; James Gandolfini blows off "Sopranos" daughter Jamie-Lynn Sigler's wedding, but Carm, Uncle Ju and Janice show up.

The Reliable Source: An e-mail from one intern in the office of Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison to another intern sets off forwarding frenzy, key line: "I was planning on ruining your career by making phone calls to all of my parents [sic] friends and have you blackballed from the workplace as well as every prestigous [sic] law school in the country, but then (lucky for you) I decided not to do that"; PETA names Lauren Bush "Sexiest Vegetarian Alive"; Hillary Clinton collaborator Lissa Muscatine foots $40,000 bill for own book party; Bill Clinton's old golf clothes rescued from crumpled paper bag.

U.K. Sun/Bizarre: Gwyneth Paltrow takes a walk with boyfriend Chris Martin; J.Lo's stolen necklace found near decapitated man; Bono buys NYC apartment, gets co-op board approval from same people who turned down Madonna; Moby to quit touring to start a family, despite not having a girlfriend.

Romenesko: Frank Rich says incoming New York Times executive editor Bill Keller's appointment "signals a return to the stability and steadiness that everyone craves right now." Keller says "the healing has begun"; American Media editorial director Bonnie Fuller tells Newsday that as a kid, "I was the girl in the front row of class with my hand held very high. And I wore glasses."; Washington Post gossip columnist Lloyd Grove defects to the New York Daily News, no one wants his job.

-- Amy Reiter

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