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Aerosmith show to "be like sex," the man who discovered Elvis leaves the building, and Stalin hated John Wayne! Plus: Nicole Kidman wins in court.

By Salon Staff
Published July 31, 2003 2:09PM (EDT)

NBC's Jill Rappaport was chatting with Aerosmith about their upcoming tour with Kiss and she asked who would open and who would close the show. Steven Tyler had it all worked out, explaining: "The show should be like sex. It should start with a Kiss and end with a cigar or a cigarette, because it was so good."

Speaking of music, Sam Phillips has left the building. The legendary producer who founded Sun Studios and gave Elvis Presley his break has died at 80. Phillips remembered that "When I first heard Elvis, the essence of what I heard in his voice was such that I knew there might be a number of areas that we could go into." Talent scout, master of understatement, farewell. (Soundgenerator)

It may sound strange to say this in a "gossip" column, but brava to Nicole Kidman for fighting back. She has accepted a public apology and "substantial" undisclosed damages over a British newspaper's suggestions that she had an adulterous affair with Jude Law and that she lied about it. The publishers of the Daily Mail admitted they were wrong, said they were sorry and paid up. (Ananova)

A new biography of John Wayne says that Josef Stalin had a contract out on Wayne because of his rabid anti-communist stance. British author Michael Munn's "John Wayne: The Man Behind the Myth" also says that there was an actual attempt on Wayne's life at his Warner Brothers office but that the would-be killers were caught. Nikita Khruschev loved Duke Wayne's movies, so when he came to power the kill order was called off. Who knew how dangerous it was to be a cowboy back then? (MSNBC)

--Karen Croft

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The wrinkly rocker to the rescue? Mick Jagger roused spirits in SARS-saddened Toronto at a concert Wednesday before 450,000 on an old air force base there that is being compared to Woodstock. "This is the biggest party in Toronto's history, right?" Jagger asked after taking the stage. "We're here, you're here, Toronto's back and it is booming." Also on hand: AC/DC, the Guess Who, Justin Timberlake, the Flaming Lips and others. "Throughout the day, there was nudity and marijuana and at times the shoving at the front of the stage got a little hard to take, " reports Canada's National Post, "but as of 6 p.m., police had reported only a handful of arrests, for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct." Said the city's police chief: "We're not in any way, shape or form surprised at anything that's happened here."

Money Quote
Jennifer Lopez on reports that Ben Affleck hung out with Canadian strippers and tipped them to keep his visit on the d.l., on her sister Lynda's Blink 102.7 radio via the New York Daily News: "He, w-he ... it sounds like Ben. He, uh, does tip a lot ... I don't know about this. I'll have to ask him."

Best of the Rest
Page Six: New York eatery principally owned by "other man" in the Andrew Cuomo-Kerry Kennedy divorce, Bruce Colley, shuts down; Leonard Nimoy's nude photos inspire modern dance, Nimoy revealed to be unaware of William Shatner's "Iron Chef USA" hosting gig; James Gandolfini, believed to have split from girlfriend, spotted prowling "downtown spots saying he's free"; Demi Moore said to be pressuring Ashton Kutcher to ditch his agents at Endeavor and hop to CAA; Naomi Watts loses it at L.A. premiere of "Le Divorce" after reporters badger her about the whereabouts of her boyfriend, Heath Ledger; "Survivor" winners Jenna Morasca and Ethan Zohn win each other's hearts.

Rush and Molloy: Bruce Springsteen, whose request to rock Yankee stadium in a concert in September was reportedly turned down, may hold concert at the Mets' Shea Stadium instead; Paris Hilton denies "hooking up" with Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath at L.A. party; Penelope Cruz angers women's groups with comments about rape, claims translation issue; former Motley Crue rocker Vince Neil accused of assaulting prostitute at Moonlite Bunny Ranch, though Ranch owner denies assault took place; Emma Thompson gets hitched, worries about kilt-wearing groom's manhood; L.A. mayor splitting from wife of 20 years; Town & Country set toast choreographer Mark Morris.

U.K. Sun's Bizarre: Beyoncé Knowles says she really wants to star in a musical and win an Oscar "but I guess it won't happen until I'm 40," resigns self to putting out albums and making nonmusical movies.

Cindy Adams: Trouble expected in settling of Walter Matthau estate now that the late actor's wife, Carol, has died; trouble on set of "The Practice" now that James Spader and Sharon Stone have joined the cast.; trouble avoided in Kennedy/Cuomo divorce now that former gov Mario has insisted that cooler heads prevail.

-- Amy Reiter

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