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Kidman canoodles with Kravitz, Hamptonians raided by cops and Gwyneth hates Bonnie Fuller! Plus: Nader says he would have prevented 9/11.

Published August 11, 2003 2:38PM (EDT)

Nicole Kidman is out on the town these days with Lenny Kravitz and the two have been -- as they say in gossip columns -- "spotted canoodling." Sounds fun. Even funner, the couple has reportedly rented a yacht for a three-week liquid luxury vacation in the South of France next month. How do you say canoodle in French? (WENN)

What a strange image: the rich and famous Hamptons crowd, being chased from chic restaurant to chic restaurant by cops raiding the joints for overcrowding. That's what happened this past weekend when Bamboo was raided for being too full of beautiful people, so they all traipsed over to Jean Luc East, which was then a few tanned bodies over capacity and was promptly raided. Reports were that "some of the diners were so anxious to escape cops, they skipped out on their checks." Just the latest excuse to dine and dash. (NY Daily News)

Ralph Nader is sounding like a candidate again. He reportedly said that if he had been elected he would have immediately ordered cockpit doors reinforced against attack and would have wiped out Osama by bribing his friends to turn him in. Sounds as good as any other plan. (US News and World Report)

Gwyneth Paltrow isn't in love with new American Media tabloid editor Bonnie Fuller, calling her "the devil" for invading the privacy of stars like herself. But Bonnie loves Gwyneth, calling her an angel. Radar magazine editor Maer Roshan takes a philosophical view of all this gossip mongering: "Fuller ... is neither evil nor a genius. Instead, she's a savvy, unabashedly middle-brow editor, who encourages like-minded readers in the fantasy that despite a surfeit of fame, perks, and money, Hollywood celebrities are just like us!" Except their voices are full of money, honey. (I Want Media)

Back when Ingrid Bergman was a star, the celebrities really were different from you and me. Tonight at Lincoln Center in NYC there will be a 60th anniversary screening of Ingrid's most famous film, "Casablanca" -- a movie she always thought of as "nice, but not anything special." Expected to attend the showing of the new print are Isabella Rossellini, Pia Lindstrom and Humphrey Bogart's son Stephen. Ingrid was wrong about this one. (CNN)

-- Karen Croft

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Time magazine reports that even Jay Leno expected Arnold Schwarzenegger to announce that he would not be running for California governor on his show last week. Arnold had faked him out with a phony declaration that he would bow out, an expectation that may have driven the actors most dangerous potential rival, Senator Dianne Feinstein, from the race. "Pumping Iron" co-director George Butler said he recognized the fake-out from Schwarzeneggers old competitive bodybuilding days: "It looked to me like an old-time Arnold maneuver. What you're dealing with is one of the canniest operators who ever walked across the road in America." Hard to tell if thats an endorsement.

More Calif. gov race news:

Jesse Ventura offers advice to Arnold: "When you use commercials, don't be negative. Be Arnold. Let people get to know your sense of humor, your work ethic, your leadership and your genuine concern for the average Joe. Think about what you want to say, and talk from your heart  Finally, Arnold, beware of the media. I know you think you have a thick skin, but take my word for itthe press is brutal. The stuff it comes up with is nothing like a bad review for a recently released film."

Bill Clinton offers advice to Gov. Gray Davis: "The key, he told Davis, is to stay engaged and make sure voters see him every day on the job."

Arnold opponents look for infamous video purported to show Arnold feeling up a female reporters breasts while promoting the film "6th Day" in the U.K.

Oh, and reports that Schwarzenegger ordered a $4 million diamond ring from Kobe Bryant's jeweler are apparently false. "Trust me, no," says the New York Posts Cindy Adams. Frankly, I hadnt heard those rumors, but then again, Ive been on vacation.

Best of the Rest

Page Six: Jennifer Lopez said to have gotten over reports of Ben Affleck gallivanting with Canadian strippers, ordered wedding dress from Vera Wang, requested its delivery by Aug. 24; Vincent Gallo takes credit for Roger Eberts cancer of the salivary gland; "Trading Spaces" host Paige Daviss peeps beg TV Guide not to run racy photos of her, to no avail; "Seabiscuit" co-star Ed Lauters girlfriend tackles pickpocketers in New York.

Rush and Molloy: Technical rig collapses at Atlantic City venue for Justin Timberlake/Christina Aguilera show, no one hurt. Timberlake said to have been comforted by Cameron Diaz; Billy Bob Thornton to sing for 50,000 servicemen and their families at North Carolina military base Camp Lejeune on Sept. 4. Spokesman says, "He's from that part of the country, and he's always been connected to men and women protecting our country"; Eve disputes claim that photo of woman in threesome with two other women is her because the woman in the pic "does not have Eves two paw-print tattoos," which shes had "forever"; "Sopranos" star Michael Imperioli to build new Off-Broadway theater, Studio Dante.

Cindy Adams: Geraldo Rivera marries for fifth time. The bride, 28-year-old producer Erica Levy, wore white, Vera Wang. Among the 350 guests at the NYC nuptials were Cheech Marin, Al Sharpton and Don King.

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