Readers offer support for an anxious foster father, and a defense of social workers.

By Salon Staff

Published August 28, 2003 7:06PM (EDT)

[Read "Will she be my daughter? An update," by Jon Lowry.]

I was one of the people who wrote in after "Mr. Lowry's" first article was published, asking for an update. I am, once again, asking that he (and Salon) let us know the final disposition of the case. And, as a social worker, I want to point out that any heroics employed by the social worker in this saga are all in a day's work. When a child is returned to his family of origin, only to suffer a recurrence of the abuse that placed him/her in the system initially, the impulse is to blame the social worker. And, of course, the social worker is often constrained by law from responding to media stories about individual cases. As this one shows, we are in this business to affect good outcomes for kids, and we'll do whatever we can to make that happen.

-- Alice Lieberman

I hope the Lowrys get custody of Gina. I don't know what's going on with her birth mother and I'm sure she loves this little girl, but she obviously doesn't have the life tools necessary to take care of Gina or to keep her safe. The Lowrys have proven that they do and will love this little girl, will protect her, and will help her through the trauma she has experienced in her very short life. God bless them and the child's birth mother too.

I was a counselor in a group home for teenage girls who experienced very painful childhoods, with both sexual and physical assault from the beginning of their lives. As a result, most of them were very damaged and went on to repeat the cycle of self-destruction perpetuated by their parents. If they had been given the chance that Gina is being given now, their adolescent lives would have been much more loving and nurturing. I hope the judge does the right thing.

-- Victoria

I am assuming you will not leave us loyal readers hanging as to the outcome of this heart-wrenching case??

Thanks for such a great publication. I was happy to become a subscriber the day you asked!!

-- Jacqui Cartoon

What a touching story -- I am now on pins and needles wondering how it will end up.

I desperately hope this sweet little sprite does not get shipped back to an abusive home, and I really, really hope that Mr. Lowry will update us on how things are.

I admire people like the Lowrys who put aside the very likelihood of feeling terrible personal pain -- for the sake of a child.

I have two young ones of my own -- two beautiful daughters, and I would never and have never laid a hand on them. It breaks my heart to think of anyone at their delightful age knowing that kind of pain, suffering and betrayal.

Rock on, Mr. Lowry, and I am crossing my fingers for you.

-- Leela

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