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New gossip column hits NYC. Is Letterman married? Does Woody Allen have bad taste? Ted Turner is a real downer. Plus: Uma eats ice cream and loses weight!

By Karen Croft

Published September 29, 2003 6:46PM (EDT)

New guy in New York Lloyd Grove filed his first gossip column today and it looks like the former Washingtonian is feeling at home. He gets a quote from the president's first cousin about flatulation devices ("George was a great one for whoopee cushions when he was a drinking man and a cutup, but I'd be surprised if he was into that sort of thing anymore") and even hung with Arianna Huffington on the Upper East Side at a fundraiser. As Cindy Adams said in the N.Y. Times this weekend, all he has to do is learn how to pronounce "Houston Street" and he'll be fine. (N.Y. Daily News)

The Gawker disagrees with me, and rips old Lloyd a new one on his first day. I say, give him a week before you do that.

In a comment that will send shudders through the various diet communities, Uma Thurman says she lost weight for her role in the new Quentin Tarantino film "Kill Bill" by "eating ice-cream, chocolate and pudding. I ate whichever desserts I liked and still lost 25 pounds because I didn't eat anything else." (Ananova)

Rumors abound that David Letterman has secretly gotten hitched to his pregnant girlfriend, but his people are keeping loyally mum: A Letterman spokesman said, "My comment is we never comment on Dave's private life." (MSNBC)

Woody Allen is getting it from all sides these days. His latest film, "Anything Else," is getting anything but raves and now he's being criticized for his interior design choices. Prince of chintz Mario Buatta, who redid the Woodman's townhouse in Manhattan, says that Allen ripped out some of his best work and that "It's funny when new money tries to look like old money but it's sad when new money has no taste." Ouch. Woody, baby, do us all a favor and write something for Diane Keaton again. (Page Six)

Ted Turner is a barrel of laughs. He told a group of journalists recently that he thought humanity would be extinct within 50 years due to weapons of mass destruction, disease and global warming that were "scaring the living daylights" out of him. Then he added, looking on the bright side, that 20 years ago he had predicted that newspapers had about 10 years left to live. (WALB via I Want Media)

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