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Michael Jackson 9/11 benefit proceeds go to Scientology group? Is Jackman the next Bond? Plus: Shirley MacLaine on co-writing a novel with her dog, Terry: "I know she enters my dreams."

Published October 28, 2003 10:58AM (EST)

What more can he give to Scientology? Michael Jackson's big -- and long-delayed -- 9/11 charity single, "What More Can I Give?" will benefit, in part, a Scientology-affiliated organization called HELP. The organization, which has something to do with promoting literacy L. Ron Hubbard-style, was not on the original list of beneficiaries given to performers who contributed their voices to the song, including Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, Beyoncé Knowles, Tom Petty, Usher, 'N Sync, the Backstreet Boys and Luther Vandross. They thought the money was earmarked for the families of victims of 9/11. Bring on the outcry of baby-dangling proportions! (Fox 411)

Money Quote
"The general take on Stephen according to the people he worked with, was that he was a little effeminate, lacking in confidence. I thought that was enough to formulate the character," Hayden Christensen on how he nailed serial fabulist Stephen Glass' tics in "Shattered Glass." (N.Y. Post)

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Page Six: Lot 61 and Bungalow 8 owner Amy Sacco said to be considering bringing suit against cater-to-the-wealthy Core Club partner Jennie Saunders after Saunders gave her the heave-ho; salon Oribe shutters; Matt Lauer's ex-wife says that "Matt is absolutely not a druggie or a womanizer," contrary to National Enquirer reports; Don Johnson said to have made stink at L.A. restaurant Dolce, may or may not have paid check; Alyssa Milano parties with Marlins pitcher Carl Pavano; troubled Siegfried & Roy tiger Montecore said to have been taken from mother too young; Rod Stewart irritated that Paul McCartney not taken to task for having wife nearly as young as Rod's girlfriend, Penny Lancaster; Playboy article alleges that Jam Master Jay was murdered because of a huge unpaid debt from drug deal gone wrong.

Rush and Molloy: Jennifer Lopez's ex-manager Benny Media steps into Svengali role for Mariah Carey, puts kibosh on book deal, denies that he was behind diva-esque, J.Lo-ish demands Carey reportedly made at Monaco hotel; Russell Simmons gets Louis Farrakhan to try to broker peace between Ja Rule and 50 Cent; Roger Ailes denies that he's upset that Fox wasn't asked to participate in documentary "Journalists: Killed in the Line of Duty," says he was asked and said no; Sean "Puffy/P. Diddy" Combs buys Times Square building, saves money on billboard rental; Hugh Jackman said to get "a piece of 'Boy From Oz,'" may play James Bond when Pierce Brosnan steps down; Paul Newman gives $50,000 to New York public radio station WNYC.

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Cynthia Nixon splits with longtime lover Danny Mozes, with whom she has two young children; Cher makes early morning phone call to C-SPAN's "Washington Journal," details visit with wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Hospital, says "I don't understand why these guys are so hidden," finally admits who she is at end of call; Aaron Brown said to be recovering from news that he won't be anchoring CNN's campaign coverage.

Boldface Names: Shirley MacLaine on how she co-wrote a novel with her dog: "It's probably because I sleep with her, and the intimacy of that is so deep and profound. I know she enters my dreams. And when Terry feels and I pick up the feeling, the feeling then becomes a creative concept. It began when the creative impulse woke me up. I was just lying with her, and I went right to the tape recorder." And MacLaine on the Liza Minnelli-David Gest marriage: "I couldn't go. I honestly" -- she pauses here for a moment -- "I didn't say it, because I didn't have the guts, but I would have, had I encountered her. It was a travesty, and I didn't want to be part of a travesty. So I didn't go" -- and Gest's claim that Liza beat him: "I would have, too, if I were married to him."

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