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Sting writes his story, Jude Law and wife leave each other for younger playmates, and Madonna writes another kids book. Plus: Will we get Michael Jackson for Thanksgiving?

Published November 4, 2003 2:58PM (EST)

Sting sat down with Katie Couric this morning and chatted about his new autobiography, "Broken Music." The book, written by the man himself, chronicles the days before stardom, and includes the story of walking in on his mum shagging the milkman. The title of the book refers to what his grandmum called his early attempts at piano playing. Said Sting, "I tell all my friends to write their life stories, whether they're published or not. It feels good."

Speaking of books, Madonna's first children's book, "The English Roses," is still selling like hotcakes and her second is ready to roll off the presses in early November. This one is based on a "nearly 300-year-old story" told to lady M by her Kabbalah teacher about how important it is to choose words carefully to avoid hurting others. The title: "Mr. Peabody's Apples." Wonder if it's about double meanings as well. (Ananova)

According to a British newspaper Jude Law and Sadie Frost have officially split -- he to share a "love nest" with his costar, 20-year-old Sienna Miller, in "a small apartment in a quiet area of New York for three weeks of filming" (on "Alfie"), and she to continue dating 22-year-old musician Jackson Scott. Guess the Brits are under the impression that there are quiet areas in New York. (IMDB)

Say it ain't so dept: Rumors keep bouncing around that John Cusack is dating Britney Spears. John, not really? (MSNBC) And reports are that Michael Jackson is in talks with CBS to perform in a musical special the day before Thanksgiving -- and a week after the release of his "Number Ones" collection. Eating big meals and looking at Michael's face do not go together. Have mercy on us, CBS -- if you can pull the Reagan series, you can pull this one. (CNN)

Money Quotes
The irony is lost on her: Covert friend-taper Linda Tripp on the $595,000 settlement she just got from the government for violating her privacy by releasing information about her during the Lewinsky scandal: "This is a long awaited first step toward holding the government accountable under the Privacy Act. The government should never be permitted to use Privacy Act protected information to discredit a political opponent." (USA Today)

Someone has body-image issues: Former Rosie magazine editor Susan Toepfer testifying to why Rosie O'Donnell insisted that Toepfer pull a photo of her flanked by Edie Falco and Lorraine Bracco from the cover: "She said, 'As a lesbian, I'm uncomfortable being on a magazine cover holding another woman or touching another woman" and "I don't want my fat effing body on the cover." Rosie denies the accusation, and countered: "I don't think in my entire life I've ever used the term, 'As a lesbian.'" (N.Y. Daily News)

The line CBS audiences will never hear: Judy Davis as Nancy Reagan in the now-spiked CBS movie "The Reagans": "Ketchup is a vegetable! It is not a meat, right? So IT IS a vegetable." (The Drudge Report)

Paul's little secret: Paul Shaffer's top item on the Top 10 list he did while filling in for David Letterman last night, when Dave skipped out to await the birth of his first child: "I prefer Leno." (N.Y. Daily News

Best of the Rest
Page Six: Vincent Gallo, Sean "Puffy/P.Diddy" Combs and Lizzie Grubman's sister Jenny are all buying bigger NYC pads, while Harrison Ford has trouble selling his; "Meet the Rich Girls" participant Jamie Lee Gleicher is said to be distraught over portrayal in the show, disclosure of intention to lose virginity on prom night and failure to do so; Paris Hilton hooks up with "Australian Idol" loser, floods hotel room, after Sydney premiere of "Matrix Revolutions"; first daughter Barbara Bush said to be steamed after overhearing couple having fun with something buzzy in Yale showers; "Die Mommie Die!" director Charles Busch accused of plagiarism; porn star Jenna Jameson wants to go legit, says, "There are days when you're just kind of like, 'OK, the last thing I want to do is see some sweaty guy on top of me'"; Debra Messing said to have been ill during early months of pregnancy, causing "Will & Grace" to scramble to accommodate.

Rush and Molloy: Lenny Kravitz and Nicole Kidman said to be moving toward wedding, to have gotten blessing from Tom Cruise; Aidan Quinn arrested for DUI in Maine; George Segal, Illeana Douglas, Debra Winger, Thora Birch, Alec Baldwin and others attend party for Hollywood columnist Army Archerd; Dixie Chick Martie Maquire announces that she's expecting twins, "two little chicklets"; Condoleezza Rice shares elevator with Mick Jagger.

--Amy Reiter

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