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Hugh Grant talks politics, dashing Dennis Kucinich wants a first lady, and J.Lo is going to peddle underwear. Plus: Why is Leo DiCaprio worried about lost photos?

Published November 13, 2003 2:20PM (EST)

Cutie-pie met cutie-pie this morning as Katie Couric chatted up Hugh Grant doing the promo thing for "Love Actually" -- wherein Hugh plays the prime minister. When Ms. C asked Mr. G if he would ever consider politics in real life, he sniffed, "I'm far too selfish. I think Arnie went into it becaue he truly wants to help people. If I went into politics my role model would be Caligula." And you wouldn't be alone, Hugh.

It's that time of year again, folks -- Victoria's Secret is hyping its holiday lingerie collection with an Internet/TV runway show featuring a high-priced spread. This season the highlight is supermodel Heidi Klum sporting an $11 million bra made of diamonds, sapphires and amethysts. But hey, they're running the fashion show on Nov. 19 opposite "Law and Order," so who's going to watch? (CNN Money)

Speaking of underwear -- the ubiquitous Miss J.Lo is going to add a lingerie line to her existing collections of handbags, jewelry, fashion, sunglasses and fragrance. The designs will be for the "full figured" woman and word is that Jennifer will "fit the product herself." Maybe that should be a TV special too. (Ananova)

Paris Hilton isn't the only one worrying about stolen images. Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly offering a hefty $20,000 reward for the return of a camera he lost at the L.A. nightclub Shelter, leading craven cynics to believe there's something other than lovely sunset scenes on that roll of film. (MSNBC)

Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich is probably running just to get a date. And if is successful, he may get more than that. The group is running a contest to find Dennis the perfect first lady and Kucinich seems to be going along with it. He writes: "As a bachelor, I get a chance to fantasize about my first lady. And you know maybe Fox will want to sponsor it as a national contest or something. But in any event I would want definitely want someone who would not just be there by my side, but be a working partner because I think we're in a day in [sic] age when partnerships are imperative to making anything happening in the world. And I certainly want a dynamic, outspoken woman who was fearless in her desire for peace in the world and for universal single-payer health care and a full employment economy. If you are out there call me." So far, 16 lovely ladies have sent in their particulars. That single-payer healthcare line works every time ...

Money Quotes
"Touch of My Hand," indeed: Britney Spears on -- heaven help us -- how she enjoys a little lighthearted masturbation session from time to time: "I think if you say you don't do it, you're lying. I think it's a positive thing to indulge in yourself in a sexual way sometimes. I don't do it all the time. It's life. Guys can talk about it. Why can't girls? It's a positive thing ... I think it's positive for girls not to depend on guys. Being alone -- I'm one to say! -- you really start to figure out what makes you happy. And then you're able to give more to other people ... When you turn yourself on, that really is what turns the guy on. So just make yourself happy and let them just kind of follow up after you." (People magazine via Lloyd Grove's Lowdown)

How quickly the "sisters are doing it for themselves" stuff fades: Britney Spears on Maryland governor's wife Kendel Ehrlich's declaration that she'd "shoot Britney Spears" if given half a chance: "She probably needs to get laid." (Entertainment Weekly via Page Six)

All she is saying is give peace a chance: Rosie O'Donnell on the "no win" ending of her legal scuffle with Rosie magazine publisher Gruner + Jahr: "This story is not about who won or lost. It's about how many times peace was offered and war was chosen. Peace can win, but you have to want it and you have to work for it." (N.Y. Daily News)

Best of the Rest
Page Six: "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus." And author Dr. John Gray may be altogether uneducated. reveals that Gray is not really a doctor -- even the Ph.D. sort of doctor -- and may never even have gone to college; lawyers Dennis Wasser, Terry Christensen, Jake Bloom and Sorrel Trop join Bert Fields in being focus of questioning in FBI's wiretapping case against celeb private eye Anthony Pellicano; Billy Crystal gets room named after him at New York Friars Club; Teresa Heinz Kerry defends husband Sen. John Kerry's Bush-needling ad; Connecticut restaurant partially owned by Joe Pantoliano, formerly of the "Sopranos," closes. Apparently people weren't excited about the Tuna Ta-Da-Boom and Broken Leg of Lamb.

Rush and Molloy: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck feud and make up over details of their wedding rematch, which is said to be scheduled to go down in New York next month; Nicole Kidman decides it's unfair to ask her children to use fake names, also sheds light on decision to keep details of relationship with Lenny Kravitz to herself for so long: "I don't think I will ever put myself up for scrutiny, in terms of personal relationship, ever again. It's too delicate, too ephemeral, too painful when it fails. So to have it on display terrifies me"; David Blaine's car gets towed at Hollywood premiere of "21 Grams"; Suge Knight agrees to play himself in Sylvester Stallone's Tupac/Biggie Smalls story; Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra distribute naked picture of selves on invitations to their joint bachelor/bachelorette party.

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: PETA ad calls Clay Aiken "neutered." Aiken's flack claims not to get it. Aiken himself chooses not to comment; Jacqueline Kennedy's letters to her priest released to public, reveals woman in mourning after assassination of her husband; MTV "Rich Girls" Ally Hilfiger and Jamie Gleicher insist that they're "not that stupid."

--Amy Reiter

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