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Who's sexier -- Chad or Benjamin? Who took topless shots of Jennifer and Cameron? What did Bush eat with Blair? Plus: Memories of JFK

Published November 21, 2003 2:36PM (EST)

For those of you over 40: Memories of the JFK assassination -- from Americans who were in the Peace Corps to a boy who remembers his father toasting the killing to a Vietnamese woman who keeps a photo of Kennedy in her purse -- collected by the BBC.

It was mushy peas for President George W. Bush as he shared a traditional pub lunch with Tony Blair today before heading home. They also ate fish and chips, drank tea and watched a soccer match. As the kids kicked the ball President Bush commented on the bombings yesterday in Turkey, telling reporters "Iraq's a front, Turkey's a front." Nothing, if not succinct. (Reuters via MyWay)

Hey, let's get shallow, shall we? It's time for Topless News! Jennifer Aniston, the most famous "Friend" and the one with the best hair flip, just won $550,000 in a lawsuit against a guy who took her picture while she was sunbathing without a top. Silly girl. (E! Online) And in the case of the dude who took topless shots of Cameron Diaz in 1992 and then forged her signature on a release form and tried to extort several million from Cameron, the judge has declared that a no-no and he'll have to stand trial. What a lot of hullabaloo over a few hooters! (Chicago Tribune)

How's this for a reading on current American culture: Forbes magazine has declared Jennifer Aniston the most powerful celebrity in the world (based on earnings, magazine covers, Internet popularity and TV/radio appearances) and the duo of Dr. Dre and Eminem are in second place. Wonder if that rating includes the topless shots? (allhiphop)

OK, you know it's time to learn to crochet when there's a TV Guide questionnaire asking "Who's sexier -- Benjamin McKenzie or Chad Michael Murray? -- and you have no idea who they are. (TV Guide)

In all likelihood, by now you've read all about Michael Jackson's surrender to police yesterday and marveled at his lawyer's weirdly couched denial of guilt on Michael's behalf. ("He considers this to be a big lie," attorney Mark Geragos said of the man who also considers himself to be Peter Pan and who insists that he's had pretty much no work done on his face.) But if you haven't done so yet, you really owe it to yourself to take a moment to gaze upon Jackson's mug shot. (Oops, sorry about that breakfast.)

And for seekers of weird Jackson details, this morning's news doesn't disappoint. The latest? The revelation of a "secret room" accessible through a hidden door and down a set of rag-doll lined steps behind Jackson's heavily epauleted costumes in a long walk-in closet in his Neverland bedroom. It is there -- in the "8-by-7-foot secret chamber" housing a Peter Pan-sheeted bed and a bevy of dolls and toys and presided over by photos of "smiling, diapered babies" -- that Jackson is said to have entertained his young male slumber-party guests. A video surveying the little lair -- shot some 10 years ago -- has just been aired on "Extra," which reports that neither Jackson documentary filmmaker Martin Bashir or the police who searched Neverland this week may be aware of the well-hidden room. Lording over the chamber's entrance back in 1994? A big poster of former Jackson playmate Macaulay "Home Alone" Culkin, personalized with the following note: "Don't leave me alone in the house." Chilling. (Extra via N.Y. Daily News)

Best of the Rest
Page Six: Jacko's former child star friends fail to rally to his defense; Robert De Niro negotiating to buy Harrison Ford's old Upper West Side duplex; Paris Hilton keeping low profile in L.A., sees "Elf," makes repeated trips to the bathroom; Lara Flynn Boyle may be jilted by boyfriend Jay Penske after getting his name tattooed on her back; Arnold Schwarzenegger defended by pal Franco Columbu, who says Arnold's reported gropees are all "attention grabbers," despite the fact that most of them have declined to allow their names to run in the press.

Rush and Molloy: Arnold Schwarzenegger said to have hired scrutinized private eye Anthony Pellicano to dig up dirt on him prior to gubernatorial run; Bill and Hillary Clinton also accused of using Pellicano -- to investigate Monica Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers; Dominick Dunne blames Paris Hilton's parents for daughter's wayward behavior, Puffy says Hilton video is no "big deal" and Carson Daly says he found said tape disappointing, gripes that "the lighting's bad"; Isaac Hanson in hospital for treatment of blood clot in arm, possibly caused by guitar playing; President Bush said to have pissed off Queen Elizabeth II by bringing five personal chefs with him to Buckingham Palace; Madonna said to have talked loudly all the way through "Taboo"; Wim Wenders makes fun of his own name; Jude Law and Sienna Miller spotted making out in public; Scorsese and DiCaprio wrap Howard Hughes biopic "The Aviator"; Hugh Jackman to sing with Carole Bayer Sager; Jerry Hall has new boyfriend, "British TV adventurer" Benedict Allen.

--Amy Reiter

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