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Cher was tricked into playing herself, Posh says Beckham looks like Christ and a man flies across the ocean for a date with Halle Berry. Plus: Happy birthday, Frank!

Published December 12, 2003 8:57PM (EST)

Cher told Katie Couric this morning that she was kinda tricked into playing herself in the new Farrelly Brothers movie "Stuck on You." In it, she plays the Bad Cher -- a wildly demanding diva. She says she was given the script, with her part unnamed and then during the shooting the wacky brothers had the inspiration to have her play herself. It all worked out, though, and everyone's happy. Cher says it was so over the top she expected a broom to come flying by for her to get on and ride away ...

Maybe Victoria Beckham is trying to emulate John Lennon or maybe she's just going for her weekly dose of Posh press but she was quoted as saying her hubby David Beckham's new 'do makes him look like Christ. Actually, Victoria's mother was the first to mention the resemblance so maybe Mum is the one who will get all the mail. (Ananova)

Halle Berry is one modern woman. After being interviewed by British TV host Steve Jones she apparently was so smitten that she invited him over the pond for a date in L.A. last night. No fool, Steve, he accepted. But when asked about the reported intimate evening he would say only "She is a lovely lady, very beautiful and I interviewed her." Maybe "interview" has other meanings in Britain ... (WENN)

In a strange column in the Washington Post today Robin Givhan waxes nostalgically mushy over San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown -- saying, "Although there are those in San Francisco who would complain that Brown's managerial style was lordly and that he was given to rewarding his buddies and catering to business leaders and the moneyed, his sartorial style was above reproach." As for the mayor-elect, Gavin Newsom (who could be a GQ model), Givhan says only: "The new mayor wears a suit well, and at 36, he is quite dashing, with Hollywood good looks. If he were not married, he'd make an excellent candidate for 'The Bachelor.' Still, his style is no match for the smooth elegance of Brown." So, how long has Robin been on Willie's P.R. staff? (Washington Post)

Today is Frank Sinatra's birthday and The Fox Movie Channel is the only one I could find that is doing a tribute -- they're doing a triple feature of "Tony Rome," "Lady in Cement" and "The Detective." Better choices would have been "Pal Joey," "The Manchurian Candidate" and "From Here to Eternity." But hey, mediocre Frank is better than no Frank at all. It's still his world, we just live in it.

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