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Viggo has a squeeze, Shannen forgives the Paris Hilton incident -- maybe -- and Ewan McGregor gives away his sex secrets. Plus: Who has the best manners?

Published December 16, 2003 8:47PM (EST)

Sorry, gals (and guys with fantasies), Viggo Mortensen has a love interest. Seems he spent a French weekend at the swankalicious George V hotel with Josie D'Arby -- a British telly star. And she sounds quite the practical sort, telling the British press, "I'm not naive -- he's a big movie star and I don't expect him to become a permanent boyfriend. It's early days and it may not come to anything -- but who knows?" Whatever happens, they'll always have Paris ... (WENN)

Speaking of Paris -- the other one ... wild child Shannen Doherty has reportedly taken her bad boyfriend Rick Solomon back. They had broken up after the release of his videotaped romp with the Hilton hussy. Even thought it was made before Shannen and Rick got together, it did up the scandal meter way higher than "90210." (IMDB)

More sex-on-tape news: Snoop Dogg and MTV are being sued by an actress, Doris Burns, who claims her performance in a skit on the show "Doggy Fizzle Televizzle" was edited to make it look like she was naked and having sex when she was wearing clothes and just holding his hand. That's some editing. (E! Online)

The National League of Junior Cotillions has just released its list of "The Best-Mannered People of 2003" and right there on top is Clay Aiken, the good-natured runner-up on "American Idol." He won the award "because of the courteous manner in which he treats fellow performers and fans." But the best part is the list of also-rans, which includes first lady Laura Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Mel Gibson, Tom Brokaw, Oprah Winfrey and -- are you ready? -- surfer Bethany Hamilton, who was named "for the manner in which she handled the adversity of a shark attack." (Miami Herald)

Scottish cutie Ewan McGregor for some strange reason decided to chat with a German magazine about his pre-marriage sex life and, unless he's funning with us, was way too honest, admitting that he would play with women's emotions to get them into bed. He admitted to emphasizing his feminine side and to using his acting skills: "It's very difficult to tell whether emotions are real or fake, especially with someone like me." But the husband and father of two also admitted he's not as kinky as all that: "I've never done it with three or four women at the same time." What a prude. (Ananova)

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