The Polls: Young'uns for Dean, Geriatrics for Clark

By Geraldine Sealey
January 14, 2004 6:07PM (UTC)
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Taegan Goddard's Political Wire looks at a new Rocky Mountain poll that shows Clark and Dean duking it out for Arizona. A big factor in the Arizona fight could be voter age, the pollsters say. "Dean's strength in Arizona ... depends significantly on high voter turnout among Arizona's Democrats under the age of 35. If such a turnout does not materialize, Clark's strengths among older Democrats gives him added strength."

Clark moves onward in New Hampshire, and Dean continues to slip ever so slightly, according to the three-day numbers in the ARG daily tracking poll, which go like this: Clark: 19 percent, 20 percent, 22 percent; Dean: 36 percent, 34 percent, 32 percent.


Zogby shows a crowded field in Iowa, with Dean still ahead at 24 percent, but Gephardt and a surging Kerry (!) tied for second. Edwards is a not so distant fourth at 15 percent.

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