By Mark Follman
January 16, 2004 2:20AM (UTC)
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The right is still railing against, three days after the group held a raucus party to unveil the winner of its "Bush in 30 seconds" ad contest. Opinion Journal's James Taranto, abetted by Matt Drudge, riled up the troops on Wednesday by printing selective anti-Bush quotes from some of what Taranto called the group's "puerile B-list celebrity" supporters. On Thursday Taranto actually admitted that the winning ad, "Child's Pay," was "professionally done" and "surprisingly unobjectionable." (Andrew Sullivan liked it, too.) But the damage was done: A performer at the event, comedian Margaret Cho, has been getting racist hate mail from Free Republic, according to Cho's manager. (Some of the mail is posted at American Politics Journal.) And as Salon's Michelle Goldberg details, lots of right-wing bloggers are getting even nastier than Taranto toward MoveOn supporters. Meanwhile, CBS television apparently has decided it wants no part of the 30-second spot for its upcoming Super Bowl programming.

Mark Follman

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