Forget the spinach, eat a doughnut

By Geraldine Sealey
January 17, 2004 1:59AM (UTC)
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The Bush administration thinks it's junk science to single out junk food as contributing to obesity and wants the World Health Organization to make changes to a report that recommends eating more fruits and vegetables and limiting fats and salt. Where have we heard the Bush administration's argument before? Its a familiar food industry line. Doritos all around!

"The (U.S. government) favors dietary guidance that focuses on the total diet, promotes the view that all foods can be part of a healthy and balanced diet. -- William Steiger, Health and Human Services official, AP, Jan. 16, 2004.


All foods have a place in a balanced diet. The key is balance. -- Grocery Manufacturers Association of America spokesman Michael Diegel, U.S. News and World Report, Nov. 17, 2003.

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