Kerry and the BSD's

By Geraldine Sealey
January 20, 2004 12:41AM (UTC)
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With just hours to go before Iowans vote, John Kerry's recent surge in the polls is all the buzz. On Talking Points Memo, Josh Marshall says Kerry's Democratic opponents had better figure out his secret to success these last several days. "For the other campaigns, you really need to know why people are turning to Kerry to figure out how to stop them from doing so," he writes, also noting that Kerry has edged up on second place Wesley Clark in New Hampshire (Dean still leads there).

For his part, while poo-pooing the notion that he's the Iowa frontrunner -- lest he be treated like one -- Kerry's enjoying the attention. As Salon's Josh Benson filed from Kerry's campaign bus, the candidate couldn't help but notice "all the BSDs" around. What's a BSD? Well, we're too polite to repeat it, but Benson translates Kerry's French in today's campaign dispatch.

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