Edwards and Kucinich's 'secret plan'

By Geraldine Sealey
January 20, 2004 2:50AM (UTC)
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So CNN reports that John Edwards and Dennis Kucinich have struck a deal to swap supporters tonight in caucus precincts where either candidate falls short of the percentage required to win delegates. Walter Shapiro reported the agreement first in USA Today: "The [caucuses'] outcome could swing on surprise factors, such as an unexpected accord between Dennis Kucinich, the anti-war zealot who is lagging badly as the fifth candidate contesting the caucuses, and Edwards, whom Kucinich prefers among the top-tier candidates. Sunday afternoon, the Edwards campaign told its precinct captains in conference calls about the secret arrangement worked out by both candidates. In any precinct where either Kucinich or Edwards fails to get the 15 percent support necessary to win a delegate, their supporters are urged to align with the other candidate, an arrangement that might add a percentage point or two to Edwards' total."

With the polls showing Edwards right up there with Kerry, Dean and Gephardt, this kind of maneuvering -- if successful -- could earn him one of those three (or four) tickets out of Iowa.

Geraldine Sealey

Geraldine Sealey is senior news editor at Salon.com.

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