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By Geraldine Sealey
January 20, 2004 8:51PM (UTC)
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The latest New Hampshire tracking poll from the American Research Group doesn't take the Iowa results into account, but shows Dean, Kerry and Clark battling it out. With a margin of error of +/-4 percent, Dean has 28 percent, Kerry 20 percent, and Clark 19 percent. ARG's analysis says "An Iowa bounce could put Kerry in front of Dean."

The AP entrance polls show Kerry won on the question of "experience" and even managed to win strong support from Dean's core supporters: young people, first-time caucus-goers and people who strongly opposed the war in Iraq.


The latest Washington Post-ABC poll shows Bush strong on national security, but weak on the domestic agenda. "While Bush retains the support of nearly six in 10 Americans, the public believes Democrats would do a better job on domestic issues, such as the economy, prescription drugs for the elderly, health insurance, Medicare, the budget deficit, immigration and taxes. And Bush has lost the advantage on education policy he once enjoyed."

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