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What Bonnie Fuller wants, Bonnie gets; Victoria Gotti gets what she wants too; and what astrology can tell you about sex!

Published January 21, 2004 8:16PM (EST)

Bonnie Fuller wants what Bonnie Fuller wants! The Wall Street Journal got an inside look at the new editor of Star and found that she's a bit on the demanding side -- asking for things that don't exist (milk chocolate Mounds) and things that her former boss, Jann Wenner, deemed excessive (a car and driver, plus an expense account for hair styling). But thank god Jann gave her the job at Us magazine. If she hadn't gotten that gig, word was that she was set to write her memoirs, tentatively titled "From Geek to Oh My Goddess." (Wall St. Journal)

Bonnie Schmonnie: The late mob boss John Gotti's daughter, Victoria Gotti, is going to be editor of American Media's new pub, Red Carpet. Can't wait to hear what her demands are going to be. Bet it's not about chocolate. As for a car and driver -- she probably has her own already. (USA Today)

Speaking of tabloid fodder, how about Sextrology? A book due out in February by the authors Starsky and Cox (who did the astrology column in Teen People for five years) will tell all about which signs make for chemistry. The New York Observer asked the stargazers about "Sex and the City" star Sarah Jessica Parker and her cute-as-a-button hubby, Matthew Broderick. The verdict: "They're friends who fuck." (N.Y. Observer)

Nothing wins like bad TV: Last night Fox won the ratings race big time with a one-two shlock punch of bad singing with "American Idol" and bad romance with "My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé." ABC, which took the high road with the broadcast of "Meet the Parents," came in last. (Reuters)

Young adults say the dumbest things: A 21-year-old joked to an airport security person that she was taking a bomb onboard a British Airways flight from Miami to London. To her rescue came Virgin Atlantic Airline's founder, Richard Branson, who offered flights to get the gal out of her plight. Said a Virgin spokesperson, "Young people do say stupid things from time to time." (Ananova)

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By Karen Croft

Karen Croft is the editor of Salon Sex.

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